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  1. Claudio

    05 Mountaineer high fuel consumption...suggestions?

    I purchased a used 05 Mountaineer with 104K miles on it. It is a 4.0 Flex fuel with AWD. It seems i cannot get better than 13-14mpg hwy, when it should be around 20. Air filter is new, just had an oil change with full synthetic. Just had a full tire alignement. Tire pressure is ok. Any...
  2. Claudio

    Has anyone been able to schedule buyback after submitting notarized docs after Nov 18

    I have sent my notarized docs Nov 18th...still have not heard anything...
  3. Claudio

    Power of attorney question

    Can somebody please clarify this? Is this an additional paper i need to provide if i want to be the only one present at the buyback appointment (my title has 2 names on it): "You and each listed title holder, must present a fovernment issued ID at the time of your appointment. If each title...
  4. Claudio

    IMHO buyback will be held mostly during the first 2 weeks of each month

    ...due to the mileage deduction. Waiting 2 extra weeks would deduct an extra 1000+ miles from your mileage, eventually making you fall into the previous bracket (therefore more $$$) what do you think?
  5. Claudio

    2005 Volvo XC90...toughts?

    Hello i found a very interesting XC90 for sale. it is a 2005, 1 owner, dealer serviced, clean title, no accidents. AWD, leather, 3rd row. 117K miles on it, for less that $5000. Anything bad about this car that is known? I'm going to try it today, from the pictures seems well kept. thanks...
  6. Claudio

    On website video that explain the process pretty well

    Here the link
  7. Claudio

    Where can i get reseale price of the same car with and without accident?

    Hello a few weeks ago i was in a minor accident ($4000 damages) and i'm trying to file a claim with the other driver's insurance to get also reimbursed because of the diminished resale value of the car now that had an accident. I did it a few years ago with another car and i am pretty sure...
  8. Claudio

    2006 mercedes R350

    I have a chance to get it at what i believe it is a great price (around 10K, 86K miles, 3 owners, always serviced at dealer) Anything to know about it? thanks
  9. Claudio

    Can you charge a battery while still connected to the car?

    Can i just connect the charger to the battery, without disconnecting the terminals that goes from battery to the car?
  10. Claudio

    2009 Routan SE, anything i should know about it?

    My wife really like it, has DVD, sunroof, 65K miles on it, one-owner, no accident (per Carfax). For a little bit more than 10,000 dollars. How does it look? Any known issue? Thanks!
  11. Claudio

    Is that Liquimoly DPF stuff any good?

    I have a 09 with 156K on it, DPF light came on a couple of times in the past month, but if i drive the car above 3000 rpm for 10-15 minutes it goes away. I saw tha there is a specific Liquimoly product that yu can add to the fuel to "clean" the DPF, is that any good? Here is a link...
  12. Claudio

    Fan only working on position 4 (full blast)

    Hello my air fan is only working when in position 4 (full blast)...any idea on what the problem could be? thanks!
  13. Claudio

    Help with battery issue on 2008 town and country

    Hello i keep finding my wife's town and country dead. It usually happens every 3-4 weeks. Alternator has been replaced and wasn't the problem. Battery was replaced with a bigger one, and was not the problem. I replaced the radio myself with the latest model revision available as i read that...
  14. Claudio

    Ticket for fail tu use turn signal: what to do

    So i was driving yesterday and a cop pulled me over for failing to use the turn signal while changing lane. I am sure i used it and told the cop as well, but he gave me the ticket anyway. I am in IL. What would you do? It is my word against his, I guess if i go to court i will lose? Thanks
  15. Claudio

    Power Service White on sale at Menards!

    I'm in Illinois, Power Service white on sale at 4.90/bottle
  16. Claudio

    Problem with mechanic

    Hello I had an issue with my wife's town and country. Basically the battery was dead one night. I recharged it, it lasted about 1 week and then it died again. So I took it to the shop and they diagnosed a bad alternator (they said the voltage was wrong and the charge cycle was incorrect) One...
  17. Claudio

    09 Wagon, cannot open the hood anymore

    Hello, not sure what happened but i cannot open my hood anymore. If i pull the lever all the way out it still does not open, the wire looks loose looking at it from inside the car at the lever. any way to fix this? i have a bulb burned out and need to drive the car! thanks
  18. Claudio

    is part# 40 G-052-195-S0 still the 507?

    I'm asking because in my other oil changes the part# had a 1L (1 liter) at the end instead of a S0 Thanks!
  19. Claudio

    Car not starting - help

    Hello i have a 09 JSW that is not starting. It sounds like it is hydrolocked. The car has been off in my driveway since friday afternoon, i'm in chicago we had snow all weekend and now we have polar temperature (-15), i tried to start my car last night and did not start, the error i get is...
  20. Claudio

    Need help!

    Allright, please don't comment my stupidity :D Few weeks ago I lost the wand to open the garage door. I used to keep it stuck between the windshield and the plastic at the bottom of the windshield. When I lost it i figured it might flew out of the windows since I drive with windows open, so I...