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    FS: 4-door mk4 VW Roof Rack

    How much to ship to 91030 zip? Let me know, thx
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    what's the best way to get a bigger intercooler mk4 golf

    i'm new and don't know if this has posted before, but i want to upgrade the intercooler and not sure how. where to buy one and how to install it. do you leave the stock cooler in place and add a 2nd bigger cooler in front of the ac condenser ? thanks for any help, will
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    Stupid door Switch!! $3 Fix!!!

    i had the same probbem with my switch, which i fixed yes it is a common problem i've heard, but my car stereo guy said he knows which wire to cut, and he did i for me. now the light on my door is out. but no warning either. my alarm still works. all you need is to remove the door panel and snip...
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    Garage Sale

    do you still have the turbo ? i'm not sure if you sold it to the other request last week, thx, w
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    2003 golf GLS tdi for sale , Los Angeles CA.

    i think it's sold, i have a deposit, and they are going to bring me the balance tomorrow. 1.9 , 5 speed manual trans, Silver with grey cloth interior, in great condition inside and out, never been in an accident, orig paint, runs great , no problems, moonroof, am/fmcd/cassette , alloy wheels...