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  1. nogassershere

    WTB MK4 with O2M 6spd conversion WTB

    I've been considering selling my MKIV Golf. 6spd, RC1+ 18" wheels, Projector beam HID, LED tails, and a few other things. PM me for a full list and we'll talk. I was planning on keeping it to do a Smyth Caddy conversion but a cretain CLA45 AMG has recently caught my eye......
  2. nogassershere

    6spd MT upgrade info required

    Mine worked fine, I think I had to swap out the speed sensor (its been a while.) The only drawback is that the ECM has no fuel mapping for 6th gear so the cruise control does not work in 6th. I am running an RC1+ tune and have been in contact with RocketChip, they said they could fix that with a...
  3. nogassershere

    Challenging issues w/MKV Jetta (electrical)

    Yes, the ground under the battery box / left front corner are OK. SPT Thanks for the info, it looks like it might help. Does anybody know where I might find a 3D view of the wiring harness, so I can locate and check any other ground connections?
  4. nogassershere

    ABS control module failure: 08 1.9PD Jetta

    Sounds eerily familiar.......
  5. nogassershere

    Challenging issues w/MKV Jetta (electrical)

    Thanks for the input. The ground wire in the left front corner is in good shape, and I've seen the Ross-Tech info. I wonder where there is a harness ground somewhere close to the ABS module, I see from my MKIV Bentley's that the ground in the left front is a direct connection to the ABS module...
  6. nogassershere

    Auto to Manual Guru South East

    I'm in Mobile, there is a shop on Spring Hill near the park that only works on VWs. I spoke to them when my 5sp went south, have not had them do any work for me but they seem to stay busy and the shop looked decent. I wound up doing my own 6sp swap, I still have most of what you would need for a...
  7. nogassershere

    Challenging issues w/MKV Jetta (electrical)

    Oh yeah, and after the last investigation, the traction control light was on for a bit and is now off. The power steering has also been operating with noticeably less driver assist since the Christmas tree appeared on the dash. The MFC has no idea that the car is moving and I am able to access...
  8. nogassershere

    Challenging issues w/MKV Jetta (electrical)

    So in the interest of full disclosure, I'm going to start from the beginning. My wife's MKV Jetta was having AC issues last summer, I replaced the RCV and it got better. It also needed new cooling fans but we let it ride until this summer. The small fan was working (somewhat) for most of the...
  9. nogassershere

    Need some help from the expert knowledge here

    FWIW: I've personally seen two different TDIs jump two teeth (ALH and BEW,) be re-timed and run like a champ. Even re-used the belt on one of them, the tensioner broke and let it jump two teeth. Anyway, they are both still running.......
  10. nogassershere

    02M 6 Speed transmission for sale

    I got my ERF from Ryan P. (Darkside) I love it!!!!
  11. nogassershere

    WTB - 04 BEW complete manual swap in SE Wisconsin area

    I have all but the clutch pedal assembly. I have a shifter, cv axles, starter.... I replaced the 5spd in my 05 with a 6sp. I have the old trans too, bit it would need some work, I believe a carrier bearing failed in the differential. Not sure what shipping would cost, I can look into it if...
  12. nogassershere

    Vag 401 scanner by XTOOL

    For what its worth, I just ordered a new DSG from Dubble's to go in the '06. Jennifer told me they use this exact tool to reset the basic settings after an install and to check the fluid level. They sell it for $104 I will probably order one from eBay to use since I have two TDIs and will...
  13. nogassershere

    WTB jetta wagon tail lights (mkiv)

    Are the wagon tail lights the same as a Golf? I have a set of oem tail lights off of my '05 golf, I can send you some pics if we can verify the fit.
  14. nogassershere

    Another DSG Bites the dust!

    Has anyone else dealt with Dubble's?
  15. nogassershere

    Another DSG Bites the dust!

    That's about what I thought, Dubble's sells a reman gearbox with a reman mech for 2600, or with a new mech for 3100. both carry the same 12 month warranty. I'm thinking there is not much difference in the two.
  16. nogassershere

    Another DSG Bites the dust!

    So what are the chances that I can tear it down and get it back in working order? I am plenty competent, what special tools are needed, if any? I know the Mechatronics unit will need to be replaced (or can I repair the issues with it as well?)
  17. nogassershere

    wtb stock mk4 golf grille

    I have a white one, de-badged that I don't need
  18. nogassershere

    Jetta TDI Flashing PRNDS Display

    Better get it fixed ASAP!!! My flashing indicator has turned into a locked up transmission and a near accident, and the best part is............. I get to pay for it all!!!!
  19. nogassershere

    Another DSG Bites the dust!

    Not sure if that helps my position or hurts it....
  20. nogassershere

    Another DSG Bites the dust!

    Had it towed home from the dealer today. I found a website that is tracking DSG issues in Iceland (I think) I'm wondering if this would work here in the U.S.? Really need to track failures with less than 100K.