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    Bmw 2.4td

    Nice project car. I want to see the finished product !
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    Faulty fuel guage problem on 2000 Audi A4 1.8T AWD !

    Hello, I have a 2000 Audi A4 1.8T AWD, 5 speed manual. The fuel guage is reading funny. First it's reading full, then after a minute empty, and it goes up to half, and after that reads whatever it wants. I am very worried and confused, don't want to run out of gas with an inaccurate fuel...
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    TDI repair shops in Mississauga ?

    Thanks guys !
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    TDI repair shops in Mississauga ?

    Nice, I will look into that shop, thanks
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    Not a TDI but a VW

    Cool, :)
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    TDI repair shops in Mississauga ?

    Oh ok cool. I will give them a link. I need someone that knows TDI's and wont run around corners, as these cars can be tough to fix, and some mechanics don't know what they are doing, and causing more harm then good.
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    DCB Automotive :)

    I was considering going to DCB but I don't want no drama ! I have dealt with bull from my last mechanic, don't want to again !
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    TDI repair shops in Mississauga ?

    Got a 2004 TDI that I recently acquired. The car has some serious problems. I am trying to find a good mechanic that specializes in Volkswagens, especially the BEW. I currently take my car to a Volkswagen Indy shop in downtown Toronto, however with management changes (the good mechanics got...
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    Anyone Import a BMW Diesel?

    I want to import a Diesel E39 to Canada.
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    Gear selector light burned out and others

    Got a 2004 Jetta TDI Automatic. My gear selector light 'P' and '2' are burned out on the gear shifter. I noticed that my 2000 TDI's gear selector lights would always lite up on the gear it was on, and on this, only at night time. Also, My metal/plastic gear selector can easily pop out, it's...
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    Getting ready to cross over 200k with my stock 01M transmission

    "I love rice, it's loaded with protein and vitamine B 1. Oh I forgot if it's Japanese its gotta be the best meal in town" Haha ! Funny one !
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    Getting ready to cross over 200k with my stock 01M transmission

    Wow ! Almost 350,000km. I guess it's touch and go. I have seen a lot of trailer hitches on people's TDI's, could that be also a factor? Extra weight and all.
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    Getting ready to cross over 200k with my stock 01M transmission

    My buddy that bought my 2000 VW Jetta TDI with 310,000km, still going strong with the orginal Automatic transmission with fluid and gasket changes every 50,000km. I guess, staying positive really helps. I actually sold my car for the very reason, and my buddy was ready to get it rebuilt, but...
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    Got a 2004 Jetta TDI, got a few problems !

    Haha, I went to the mechanic that I bought it from, and so far says it has no problem. Kinda fustrated. Can anyone recommend a reasonable mechanic in the GTA that's reasonably priced and knows TDI's ? Thanks
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    Got a 2004 Jetta TDI, got a few problems !

    Oil level is just fine ! When I try to pick up sometimes getting a weird sound, like a bird chirp and on the highway when letting go of the gas pedal, the vibration from the engine. When putting it on cruise control, the Rpm surges from time to time. No engine light !!! :|
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    2001 Jetta TDI Auto Tranny Value

    Offer him $2500 cash ! Having cash and having the cash that day, it does magic ! However, don't pay a cent over $3000 !
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    Got a 2004 Jetta TDI, got a few problems !

    I was driving with the windows down today and noticed that when I pick up the car from a standstill, I would sometimes here a screech when I try to accelerate, and when letting go of the pedal, the car would shake. Almost sounds like a bird is inside the engine !
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    Got a 2004 Jetta TDI, got a few problems !

    I wil be taking in my car on tuesday. I am just very worried. No engine light, and car drives like a snail !
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    A/C: not getting much air from the ducts !

    No, I am not getting good airflow !