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  1. J

    The 10 horsemen

    Hey! Where's my M&M??!! And my Tiguan TDI??!! Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! :D
  2. J

    1986 Toyota 4Runner - VW TDI powered- NY

    Don't part it! You might consider cross-posting at Plenty of folks there dig TDI swaps, and I bet she'd be gone in a heartbeat. Sweet! And best of luck.
  3. J

    Pissed about the price of BioDiesel

    Portland...OREGON??? :eek::eek: Dino or B5 is 3.99; B-99 is $4.60. Where do you get yours???!!! Jay
  4. J

    1.9 TDI in a '93 Eurovan?

    VW sold a Eurovan in Canda w/a 2.4L 5 cyl NA diesel. Economical but slow, I've been told. '93 diesel Canadian spec Eurovans can be imported relatively easily (compared to most non-US vehicles), but there was also a 95-97 commercial van diesel w/a different engine that is NOT import-friendly...
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    96 Passat on PDX craigslist

    Sold. Sold.
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    96 Passat on PDX craigslist

    *Not* mine or anyone I know. Hard to find here in bio-Oregon. TDI!!! 96 VW Passat - $5500 Reply to: Date: 2007-06-28, 9:54AM PDT 160,000 miles and running great. Very good condition. Power locks...
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    Considering '02 Jetta GL w/ 15K

    Congrats!! I'm 2 weeks into my '01 Jetta 5-speed and loving it. The other aspect that I don't think has been mentioned in this thread was my #1 reason for buying a diesel--biodiesel. That plus the MPG and the longevity added up to being able to do something that could massively lower my...
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    Biodiesel? Why-o-Diesel?

    Off topic, I know, but I just filled my week-old (to me!) '01 Jetta with a tank of B50...where do you get Sequential BioD for $2.69 a gallon????!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: Thanks! :D
  9. J

    Check engine light; cold temps, 2nd day w/TDI!

    Yeah; you can't even buy B99 these days. The highest I've seen locally is B50, which most people report should work fine in our relatively mild NW winters. I'll check w/Justin on the light--hopefully nothing major!
  10. J

    Check engine light; cold temps, 2nd day w/TDI!

    On Saturday I took delivery of a 2001 Jetta GL TDI. 67K miles, full service records since 10K, timing belt and oil pan done by dealer right before sale. I don't have the records with me (sales person to make copies), but I remember seeing that the glow plugs and harness were replaced a while...
  11. J

    GL or GLS?

    Er, what does carfax say?:confused:
  12. J

    Need advice on some used A4s

    I've run carfax reports on two Jetta TDIs, an '01 GL and an '02 GLS, and they both have "oddities" that I don't know if I should worry about. All opinions welcome! 2001 VW Jetta GL TDI Current miles: 67K Seller: Franchised VW dealer Carfax shows 2 owners, but there are *no* entries from the...
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    bad tdi owner, lying guy!!

    But... With additional batteries, a plug-in Prius can get upwards of twice the MPG; 100+. With a diesel instead of gasoline powerplant, a conventional hybrid could easily get >75 MPG. (I think Daimler's testing a hybrid Sprinter...yum! :D) Make a diesel-hybrid that plugs in, you could be...
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    A Powerful Start: The New Touareg V6 Tdi In A Severe Test As A Service Vehicle In The

    Please, somehow, we have to convince VW and others that the US would like a V6 TDI as much as the rest of the world, and things like a V10 (or the gas V6 in the Eurovan/T4--deemed "too thirsty" for the rest of the world) are simply overkill. 'Course, having a oil-industry plaything for a...
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    97 vw passat tdi on craigslist denver

    Really? Please educate me. My wife is 6'3", but *loves* moonroofs. Is there really more headroom in the non-moonroofed B4? Cruel!
  16. J

    1997 Passat for sale or trade for an AWD gasser

    Flippification? Flippified? Flippery?:confused: Disclaimer: No impunging of character *necessarily* implied on the flippie or flipper. :D:D (Flippette?)
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    A3/B4 crash safety?

    So, in doing my due diligence in trying to figure out the best TDI for me and the fan-damily, I start to look into the question of safety. The answers I'm finding are not good! B4: "Poor" A3: "Marginal"...
  18. J

    Seattle craigslist: 1996 VW Passat Wagon TDI $11900 many B4Vs *do* you have...? Care to spread the love???;)
  19. J

    Seattle craigslist: 1996 VW Passat Wagon TDI $11900

    If... That's *if* they want to sell it, sight unseen, to someone on the other side of the country, five minutes into their first phone conversation!!!;););) Whoop, whoop! (Duh duh duh duh duh...) :D
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    Seattle craigslist: 1996 VW Passat Wagon TDI $11900

    Then again... Or, you could call 'em up, tell 'em everything that needs to be done to the car, fix it, and flip it!!:D:D:D (Cue Devo soundtrack: "Duh duh duh duh duh, Flip it good!") Ain't life grand??!!