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    Musty odor 2011 Golf

    Dealer used some Frigi-fresh and advised not using recirculate mode. It seems to have solved my mold/mildew smell problem for the last week or so. Hopefully it remains smell free. Too bad recirculate comes on automatically with the defrost on and when the a/c is on max. It seems turning off...
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    Musty odor 2011 Golf

    Mold/Mildew I have this same mold/mildew smell problem. The smell is only present when I first start the car and the a/c is on. The smell comes through the vents for a few minutes then is gone. This doesn't occur every time I start it but occurs maybe 25%-50% of the time randomly. I think it...
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    39* Degree Outside Temp Warning

    Temp Chime I think VW should also give us a chime when; 1. it gets above 85 degrees so I remember to turn my A/C on. 2. the sun is going down to let me know its getting dark outside. 3. it starts raining/snowing. 4. it stops raining/snowing. 5. the seasons change. 6. my drink in my cup holder...
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    2011 HPFP Failure - Fuel System Replaced Under Warranty

    Hpfp From reading these forums, I used to think that Bosch or bad fuel was the problem too. When you think about it though, its unlikely that its caused from the quality of fuel or Bosch's fuel pump. Bosch makes fuel pumps for most of the diesel pickup trucks on the road. If you browse some...
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    Does the turbo act as an exhaust brake?

    Variable vane turbos can act like an exhaust brake if programmed to. This is how Chevy achieves a combination of engine-transmission braking and exhaust braking on their Duramax diesel engines. This type of exhaust braking does not work as well as having a true exhaust brake like on the...
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    Interior trim warped

    After the dealer attempted to fix the C pillars they decided it would be best to replace the headliner. I didn't even have to ask them to do so. VW has slighty modified how it installs and changed some of the trim to fit better. The Dealer did a good job with the replacement.
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    Carpeting under drivers seat

    Has anyone else had a problem with the boxed in carpeted area under/in front of the drivers seat being crushed? Its towards the left center of the drivers seat. Feels like its got a cardboard like structure under the carpeting. Not to sturdy. I must have put my foot on it at some point.
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    Insrument Panel

    VW decided to use the cheapest clear plastic on the instrument cluster panel. After using new microfiber cloths with some water to lightly clean it a few times its already scratching up after only 3 months of ownership. Way to go VW. I've never had this problem on my vehicles before. When I...
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    Interior trim warped

    Anyone else notice the interior plastic/vinyl trim on the rear (c pillar I think its called) is warped and popping out? Its where the edge of the headliner meets the rear pillar when you open the rear door. Right along the edge of the rubber door seal. It doesn't stay in place anymore and...
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    Defeating ESC

    This came from a salesman at one of the local dealers so I have no idea if its true or not. He claimed if you put a DSG trans in manual mode it will overide the esc (or asr).
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    Steering wheel center

    I wound up bringing it to the dealer. They left the alignment "as is" and adjusted the steeering wheel center. Its good now. My first experience at the new dealer was a good one.
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    Steering wheel center

    I've had my car a few days now. When I took delivery of it I noticed the alignment was good but the steering wheel was not centered. It's to the left a little, not much though. With the electromechanical steering on the TDI will I need and alignment or can the tech just recalibrate to recenter...
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    Express Window Issue - Anyone Else?

    Pinch protection may be deactivated. To activate/deactivate it turn your ignition on and pull the window button up and hold it for 2 to 30 seconds and I think it reactivates it. I'm not sure of the time required to reset it but the directions are in the manual somewhere.
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    NHTSA Update on CR HPFP failure investigation

    The styrofoam cup test is a neat little test. There are different chemical formulas for making styrofoam. Just like there are hundreds of types of plastics there are hundreds of types of styrofaom. Some cups may work and some may not. Therefore I don't think its a reliable test.
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    Just scheduled my courtesy checkup - any specifics?

    First day with my new car here. My steering is slightly off too. It doesn't pull. Its just off centered. I haven't decided if I'm going to mention it to the dealer or not.
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    would extended warranty cover cover HPFP?

    Doesn't the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act state something to the effect of, if a manufacturer requires a specific part or product and using a similar product will void your warrranty then the manufacturer has to supply the part or product for free. This means VW should supply us all with the...
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    would extended warranty cover cover HPFP?

    My understanding is that warranties are being denied because of poor fuel. Meaning either the fuel is slightly contaminated with water or gas. My other diesel vehicles all have water seperators in them from the factory. Does VW use this technology? If so why is it not working? It works well in...
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    First Oil Change?

    30-40 Years ago a break in period was recommended to help the rings seat on the pistons etc...... With todays standards engines are run full throttle, tested, and flushed out at the factory. Engines are built with better standards and tighter tolerances than they were 30 years ago. 30 Years ago...
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    8,000 Miles and a Blown Motor

    Yeah sure the engine is fine. Any car manufacturer (VW) would rather take their chances and let you try to run it past the warranty. Neither VW nor the dealer make any money replacing the engine under warranty. They will lose money. But they will make money when your engine dies past the...
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    Should have purchased a TDI

    For the 10-12K premium over a gas engine VW should just eliminate any problems and use timing gears just like on GM's Duramax diesel. So much more reliable that way. Gm has been using that technology for about 10-11 years now.