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    MN Chat Thread

    I would suggest Burnsville VW
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    Time to move on - thanks for everything!

    A young couple from St. Paul with a child bought it. They were impressed with the condition of the car with a 118k.
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    Time to move on - thanks for everything!

    The car returns 28 M.P.G.
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    Time to move on - thanks for everything!

    Here is a pic
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    Time to move on - thanks for everything!

    Glad to see you found a vehicle to serve your needs. I peddled my Passat back in July and bought a 2001 BMW 740i.
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    MN Chat Thread

    Its about time, that current location is so outdated.
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    BHW Balance Shaft Module replacement

    Soumds like a new engine.
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    Fog Lamp Bulb

    The bulbs made is China do not last more than a week.
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    Fog Lamp Bulb

    I thoght deming traded one to a Subaru.
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    How-to: Repair the air filter snow screen

    Here look at this grill design for better air flow.
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    Audi's 3.0 TDI "Cleanest Diesel in the World"

    The new Q7 with the TDI starts at $50,000.
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    Steel glow plugs

    I have replaced the GPs but did not reflash, the car runs and starts fine.
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    Two pics from today of my Passat Estate

    I have only seen one other B5.5 TDI Wagon here in Minnesota. Nice car! Thx for posting and Welcome!
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    VW Passat vs. Chevy Tahoe Interesting post, the pictures tell the story.
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    Mechanical fan bearing replacement labor?

    My mechanical fan went out at 40,000 miles but the good news is that MoGolf had posted that he did the replacement without pulling the front end.
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    Sunroof acted funny today

    As much of a hassle that the sunroofs are I would never have a car without one, especially at night with clear skies and bright stars.
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    Radio CD Dead 2002 Jetta

    No Sam i had to call the dealership, they gave me the code.
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    Radio CD Dead 2002 Jetta

    I purchased a used factory radio from John Auto Parts in Blaine for $100.00 and sent my non -working Monsoon Radio to this location for repair
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    2007 Hyundai Accent CRDI owner

    Hyundai has a large market throughout the Carribean, the use of the diesel minivans wirh manual transmissions are common.