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    Timing belt broke!! BEW MK4 Golf

    Engine only has 240000km on it and didnt look worn out at all other than the damage that was done. Crosshatching all good and no scoring from the debris. I didnt get any quotes on redoing the head but in the end I doubt I could do less than $1100 plus my time which is what I can do the motor...
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    Timing belt broke!! BEW MK4 Golf

    Thanks. Fingers crossed unfortunately I wasnt able to open up the engine without purchase so well see how the insides look when I have it in the garage
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    Timing belt broke!! BEW MK4 Golf

    I looked through forums on doing the manual swap and for what its worth just going to stay auto on this one, 09a autos seem to be a decent trans from what I read aswell. Purchased the car as a money saver not a project car
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    Timing belt broke!! BEW MK4 Golf

    Thanks, deffinitely will salvage what I can to recoupe some cost
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    Timing belt broke!! BEW MK4 Golf

    Found a motor 30mins away. 267000km for $900. Checked it out runs great. Its coming out of a manual car and mine is the 09a auto. Is there much difference between the two?
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    Timing belt broke!! BEW MK4 Golf

    Know any good connections? Not much that I can find in SK right now. Found some yards in AB and ON. Would have to be a decent deal to make the drive worth it
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    BEW Vacuum Actuator EGR vs Intake Manifold

    Good to know accidently broke mine removing the head on my BEW. Ill just steal the one off egr when it all goes back together!
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    Timing belt broke!! BEW MK4 Golf

    Funny you say turbo replacement that was one thing the previous owner said they replaced. Could be all the head and piston damage has been there for awhile and who ever replaced the turbo didnt look much more into it
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    Timing belt broke!! BEW MK4 Golf

    Looking to get some advice from the TDI guru's. Little bit of back story, I purchased my first VW/TDI beggining of April as a highway commuter. 2006 Golf MK4 PD-Bew. It needed a few things, one being glow plugs as there was an engine code for them. Changing out the glow plugs I found cyl#3 plug...
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    Head Cylinder #3 other.jpg

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    Cylinder #3 Intake Valve.jpg

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    Cylinder #1 Piston.jpg

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    Cylinder #4 Piston.jpg

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    Head Cylinder #4.jpg

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    Head Cylinder #3.jpg

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    Head Cylinder #1.jpg

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