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    High elevation, hill climb, high load overheating?

    2015 Passat here I notice the temps will climb from the usual 197 to 213 during a 7% grade climb with high throttle input and definitely go to jail speeds. But this car runs much cooler than others noted here.
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    Poll "EPA" cheat device

    For those tdis equipped with ad blue it's an easy fix the older models with the NOX trap they might have trouble complying with the EPA order. Ad blue equipped models just increased DEF use, it's designed that way.
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    High aluminum in oil analysis

    2015 First UOA CASTROL EDGE 5w-30 MI/HR on oil 10479 Aluminum- 6 Chromium- 2 Iron- 47 Copper- 20 Lead- 1 Tin-0 Molybdenum-14 Nickel-3 Manganese-9 Silver-0 Titanium-1 Potassium-6 Boron-21 Silicon-20 Sodium-4 Calcium-1551 Magnesium-9 Phosphorus-766 Zinc-921 Barium-0 SUS Viscosity @210F-60.4 cSt...
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    Intake runners clogging cause

    1. This is from the EGR recirculation which carbon/oil mist mix and slowly build up to block the intake runners. 2. The injectors can be reused, how many miles on the engine if its over 100K I would recommend you have them cleaned and balanced. Do you know if there was any biodiesel used or just...
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    2015 engine differences

    1.8L oil capacity 5.5L 2.0L oil capacity 4.3L 3.6L oil capacity 5.5L This is per the owners manual page 303
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    05 Passat TDI makes horrible lower end noise

    Jason is well known and will do you right.
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    Mechanically 2014 vs 2015

    No timing chain the EA 288 uses a timing belt.
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    EA288 TDI engine review, real life MPG

    I just bought a 2015 Passat TDI drove it home only have 280 miles on it. Time will tell and I don't know how well the dealer filled the car up to, so I still have 500 miles until empty.
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    Lots of Smoke, oil loss. Geared BSM

    Sounds like the turbo shaft is broken. oil will be in both the intake and exhaust. Ask me how I know.
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    Blown Turbo and Cat muffler

    I had the same issue except I almost toasted the motor I blew my turbo passing someone and I couldn't pull over right away. I only drove about 1.5-2 miles after I started smoking like a fumigator, Only had 1.5L oil in the pan the rest in the exhaust/intake. I installed a new turbo and run it on...
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    Show me boost gauge installed for b5's

    The B5.5 already has a stock EGT sensor that the ECU can see. Just need to know what field it's located in
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    Bosch compact: Pressure in diesel engines

    I wonder what engines they plan on using this in? Great if this works as designed but with sub standard lubrication all bets are off!
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    Misfire #1 hole
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    BHW turbo gasket

    There is no gasket between the manifold and turbo on the B5.5.:rolleyes: There is a gasket between the turbo and catalytic converter.
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    Dealer overfilled oil - a LOT

    I'm guessing Desert VW?
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    Ethanol used to partially fuel a TDI engine???...

    The problem is with the older vehicle fuel systems as you increase the Ethanol content it increases the amount of water that can be absorbed. This in turn increases the potential for corrosion along with many other issues.
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    How much vacuum should I have?

    The ECU, it allows for a little deviation from the requested boost. When it doesn't meet this request it causes limp mode and may turn on the check engine light.
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    A little guidance needed

    I love my B5.5 TDI and I've had almost all the mods done just no BSM delete, Yet! Just trying to figure out how to get it away from the wife:rolleyes: I have one of the only Valve Body mods I have seen and she shifts with authority. Just change your fluids and drive!
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    BRM Cam Failure

    Just had the cam replaced at 205k. We will see how this one does it not a factory part:p just need a tune now for the Engine and DSG:)
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    Low Oil Pressure Stop Engine

    I would be concerned about the turbo bearings they are very sensitive to oil pressure loss and when you shut down how fast was the engine running?