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    hit a curb - clunking noise from suspenion

    Thanks Powder Hound. I'll be looking at all those things. That is exactly my plan. Have it on jack stands and start applying some forces to see what happens.
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    hit a curb - clunking noise from suspenion

    Well, not a curb actually. I have a 2001 4-dr Golf TDI. My neighborhood has crowned streets and open drainage ditches. It was very dark the other night and I took a low-speed left-hand turn a little too tightly. The front wheel cleared fine but the rear wheel did not. I'm assuming the wheel...
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    Lurk's Mandral Pipes Projects

    Great update. Lots of good info. You will have more business (I hope) than you will be able to deal with. I can't wait. One stop shopping for a complete solution of upper & lower IC pipes & silicone hoses PLUS complete turbo-back exhaust systems with bolt-on & bolt-off (hopefully clamp-on &...
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    Any 11mm injection pumps out there?

    I sent you a pm. I would like info too please.
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    Fly-in / TDI GTG, Seguin, 11/07

    aNut, I may want you to install PP520 nozzles that I'll buy from KERMA. What would you charge? Also, if someone is keeping a list for RocketChip installs, please add me to it. I want to make sure that Jeff comes. Got to start somewhere & sometime with power mods. Sounds like a good...
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    Lurk's Mandral Pipes Projects

    The KERMA website says that the upgraded SMIC uses the stock pipes.
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    Lurk's Mandral Pipes Projects

    This was already really interesting. Salt resistant aluminum pipes with aluminum heat sink fins? Now it is really, really interesting.
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    Any interest in intercooler piping? MK3/4

    Yeah, I can probably come up with something better than my camera phone.
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    Any interest in intercooler piping? MK3/4

    Well, I have 225/45/17 tires on 17" Monte Carlo wheels from a GTI. That is probably the largest 'standard' tire size that people will have. Sure, there will be some outliers and folks with 19" wheels with a crazy suspension drop. But, for the most part, 225/45/17 may need to be the maximum...
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    Any interest in intercooler piping? MK3/4

    Judging by the amount of activity this thread has had during the last 18 hours, and by the content of the messages, LurkerMike, if you can produce these in the quantity that you describe for the price that you suggest - you will have much business. You will have mine for sure.
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    Window Regulator Failures (Poll)

    My passenger window did this about 3 years ago. Fixed under warranty. My driver's side window fell on Tuesday this week. I have an appointment at the dealer Friday morning. Should be covered under the extended factory warranty. For the DIYer - Here is a detailed repair procedure with pdfs &...
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    Seguin GTG 12/2/06

    Blend? I bet it's B100.
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    Any interest in intercooler piping? MK3/4

    I am interested in both upper & lower IC pipes for a 2001 Golf ALH. I'm subscribing to this thread to be notified of any stock or production changes.
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    I'm also signing on to be notified of stock status. I would want a silver one.
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    feeler: 5 brake light wire kits $5 shipped

    I would buy one.
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    Texas owners TDI List

    FlashTDI - '01 Golf TDI 4-dr Beaumont
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    Engine Preventive Maintenance-High Miles

    Check out this pic I stole from GeWilli... The CCV (crank case ventilation) puck is the black hockey puck looking thing directly above the number 6 in the picture. Mind you that 6 is pointing to a fuel injector - it's just that the CCV puck is directly above it. 7 is pointing to the hose...
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    You think you've got electrical gremlins ? Read this !

    I think that NuM3R1K was saying that he does open the doors after he unlocks the doors. He just doesn't put the key in the ignition.
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    Engine Preventive Maintenance-High Miles

    Hello David, This is Alan in Beaumont. If you do any more major repairs I'd love to be invited to help/watch.