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    2003 Black Jetta GLS TDI Wagon (MK4, ALH) – $12,500 OBO

    Manual, 5 speed. 134k miles, two owners. Located in Seattle. Photos available here, more upon request. The car features electronic stabilization, moon roof, black leather interior, heated seats, AC, power windows, cruise control, air bags, cargo cover. Tow hitch with electric and Tenaska...
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    poor acceleration after long hot drive in loaded wagon

    03 Jetta TDI wagon is all we can do to get up to speed and won't go beyond 2500 rpms. Diagnosed originally as leaky intake on tubo boost so ordered and installed new sleeve and screw clamp but problem returned on way from Detroit to Chicago. What to
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    Any fuel filter issues in going from B5 to B100?

    Hi all, Just purchased a 2003 Jetta TDI wagon with 38k and I'd like to run B100. The previous owners have been running B5. Do I need to worry about fuel filter clogging? Should I move up gradually to B100 or can I move up immediately? Thanks much, Clare