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    advice on 2002 Jetta TDI injector pump leak

    You can easily do the reseal yourself !! I did mine a couple of years ago !! Just take your time and get a good flashlight and mirror to check the bottom of the main O ring - Super easy...... My only issue was not marking the the top of the Ip correctly with the bottom - took some trial and...
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    2003 Jetta Wagon Fuel Priming/IP Issue

    By the way !!! runonbeer is the absolute best in central texas if ya need a timing belt or head rebuilt !!!
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    Clogged Evaporator ??? Check it ..

    2003 Jetta Wagon Is your A/C just not blowing as well as it should ??? Not cooling as well as it once did ??? Recently I noticed that it was taking forever to cool down the cabin - I checked a bunch of things, pressure, rad fans etc.... Today I pulled the A/C fan and took a look at my...
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    How to video: On car VE injection pump seal replacement video

    I just did this job - one note !! DO NOT forget to tighten the nut for the fuel shutoff wire !! Dont ask how I found this out !!! I got in a hurry to finish and failed to tighten it fully - had it start fine and just die for no reason - until an hour later i figured out my mistake. One...
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    New guy with a few questions

    Congrats on the new TDI - Im in Round Rock and I get the Mobil 1 Truck and Suv at Walmart - when they have it on the shelf. Im sure some of my other fellow TDI'ers are buying it up.
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    Missing o-rings with new filter

    Im sorry but in this Texas heat - even at 8pm I was sweating most of that beer plus it'll take at least 6-8 for any "fuzzy" factor to set in. To answer your question I used PowerService - in the silver bottle from Walmart - I believe its called Diesel Kleen Cetane boost. Cheers!
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    20K maintenance question

    Im curious how many of you had your tires balanced when you had them rotated? My father swears you MUST have them balanced. I've been unable to find any information on this. TD
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    Missing o-rings with new filter

    Ok Im doing my 20k maintenance and as I was replacing my fuel filter I noticed that I didnt get new o-rings. It was a Purolater brand. I went ahead and left the old rings in place and finshed installing the filter. I was 2 hours and 4 beers into this project and I didnt want to go back to...
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    A decent dealer in Houston???

    I know that you want a dealership in Houston - but I had great luck with Hewlett in Georgetown (just north of Round Rock and Austin) I think worth the drive from Houston. Stay away from Maund I've heard stories.
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    Blinking Glow Plug Light?

    Yes after reading every post about the brake switch and how often these bulbs tend to burn out I bought two extra packages of brake lights. That will save me a trip to the auto parts store in the future.
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    Blinking Glow Plug Light?

    Here's the update. The dealer replaced the brake switch - no charge it was still under warranty. The kicker was that my wife goes and picks it up and on the way home the glow plug light starts blinking agian. This time I told her to wait until I could look at it. Both brake light bulbs were...
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    Blinking Glow Plug Light?

    [ QUOTE ] Learn from this. Practice with the search function. It can save you time, grief, money, and embarrassment. [/ QUOTE ] Thanks - Your right! I was busy teaching a class when I got a call on my cell about this blinking light - I thought it must be serious if it's blinking. So I told...
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    Blinking Glow Plug Light?

    Your kidding me - they are gonna charge me a fortune to replace a brake lamp. Now i feel bad giving my wife grief about driving around for 2 hours. I think I'll have to ask for forgiveness........ [ QUOTE ] Happens when the brake light bulbs burn out too. [/ QUOTE ]
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    Blinking Glow Plug Light?

    A bad brake switch causing a blinking glow plug light? How strange.. but nothing suprises me with a Volkswagen - gotta love-em..
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    Blinking Glow Plug Light?

    My wife got a blinking glow plug light today. Her car only has 14000 miles on it so its still under warranty. She took it to the dealer right away after I gave her a hard time about driving it all over town for 2 hours. My question is this - what caused this? The service guy said about...
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    Possible Anti-Foaming Fueling Technique

    I have not done a ventectomy on the wifes Jetta Wagon. I have noticed that after filling up when I put the nozzle on the "venting thing" and depress it that the fuel tends to be less foamy as it runs pass that piece of plastic. In other words the "plastic vent thing" tends to reduce the foam...
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    Cool badgeless grill!!!

    Innovative? I hope your kidding. That has to be the ugliest thing ever. My four year old could come up with a more creative design.
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    Did my first Oil Change - way easy!

    My neighbor is now a convert to extractors. He came over while I was doing both my cars. The wifes jetta wagon and my gasser Contour. He was amazed at how easy it was. He told me that he was going to buy one and do both his cars this weekend. Now if I could just make him a convert to a TDI......
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    Did my first Oil Change - way easy!

    I did my first oil change on the wifes Jetta wagon. Used a Tempo Oil Boy extractor. That was way too easy. The only messy part was the oil filter. I checked all the stuff your supposed the check and I was done. It was so easy I was worried I forgot something. No more 78$ oil changes at the...
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    TX TDIers: Best Fuel Available in TX?

    Im in Round Rock and I've been happy with the Shell and yes Albertsons fuel... No problems----knock on wood.