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    Stanadyne Performance Formula for sale in Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area

    I sold my 2010 VW Sportwagen and I have an unopened case of Stanadyne Performance Formula 24 8oz bottles to sell. Located in Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area if interested. $80.00 Paypal or cash accepted and will deliver product to you or meet halfway. PM if interested. Thanks Rick rickcrna1
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    Goodbye TDI, Good Riddance VW, Hello Toyota Yaris SE

    I detected no sour grapes. In fact my experiences with a 2010 JSW TDI mirror much of what was said by the OP. Intercooler issues along with MAF and O2 sensor repairs were the main problems. After awhile, I too, questioned the reliability of the vehicle. In addition, every time I had VW check...
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    2010 JSW TDI Sold - Multiple Goodies for Sale

    Howdy Folks Traded in my 2010 JSW TDI and have several items for sale. Here is what I have to offer and all prices include shipping within the continental US. 1. VW Jetta Service Manual 2005-2010 Bentley Publishers 1.9L, 2.0L Diesel, 2.0L, 2.5L Gasoline including TDI, GLI and SportWagen...
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    2010 JSW TDI Sold - Multiple Goodies for Sale

    Howdy Folks Traded in my 2010 JSW TDI and have several items for sale. I will also post in the classified section but because there are so many items I thought I would also make an announcement here. Here is what I have to offer and all prices include shipping within the continental US. 1...
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    Battery died

    Have you checked the water level in your battery recently? I checked my battery a few months ago and had to add damn near 1 quart of distilled water to get all of the chambers to the proper level. Of course, you have to take the stickers off the battery to check the fluid levels.
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    What would you replace your TDI with????

    Plan to get rid of my 2010 JSW TDI within the next week or two if I can get a fair trade for a 2013 Toyota Tacoma. I need a vehicle that is reliable, easy to maintain, and will last and the VW doesn't meet any of those criteria.
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    You guys are making me nervous...

    I am most likely selling my 2010 JSW TDI because I am tired of getting dinged for $500 or so every time the vehicle needs attention, which is quite frequently. Oxygen sensors, injectors, intercooler, etc. You will find the repair costs quickly eclipse any fuel savings you might accrue from the...
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    2013 VW Sportwagen--Got it today!

    So, Chris Farnham is back working again at the dealership? That is great news! His health must be back on the mend.
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    Windshield washer reservoir leak

    I have what appears to be a windshield washer reservoir leak on my 2010 JSW. It must be fairly slow since I don't see obvious fluid puddles under the car. Can anyone shed some light on the likely location of the leak and what one needs to do to address this problem? Thanks in advance.
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    So Im thousands of miles away from home in my new TDI when...

    I have gotten a CEL come on before when a pump attendant in Oregon didn't put my fuel cap on correctly after filling up the tank. When the light came on, I just pulled over and re-tightened the cap and the light went off immediately. Now that your wife has fixed the problem, I would not bother...
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    Injector faults, cleaning, and replacement

    I've had the same scenario happen to me a few months ago. VCDS indicated a fault with #3 injector. In my frustration with this damn car, I started using Opti-Lube additive with every fill-up and the CEL went out and has not come back on since. I doubt there is any relationship between these two...
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    New JSW manual TDI

    My guess is you can't read the vehicle information in my signature line. You gotta love a forum where disparate views and opinions are not tolerated.
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    New JSW manual TDI

    Just trying my best to pass along some advice based upon my experiences and many others on this forum. It's best to have a realistic outlook and be prepared as an owner of this vehicle. This shouldn't necessarily diminish the excitement of purchasing a new car.
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    New JSW manual TDI

    Best advice....start regularly setting aside funds to put towards repair costs on this vehicle. When the repairs start happening, they are expensive! are saving money at the fuel pump, but the repair costs quickly catches up and easily eclipses any fuel savings within the first three...
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    Best mod for under $400 to a JSW?

    Start a dedicated "repair" account and add to it periodically. You will surely need it for future vehicle repairs.
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    Malfunction in windshield washers

    Great thoughtful suggestions!! I will have a further look around the hoses, washers, etc and see what is going on. Thanks so much for your ideas.
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    Wife filled the 2005.5 with gas

    It will be cheaper to get a new wife....
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    HPFP hypothesis

    Do a search on this forum for "additives" and you will find all the brand information related to lubricity you can possibly digest.
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    Malfunction in windshield washers

    The operation of the rear washer seems to be fine when tested today. The front windshield washers continue to have a very minimal output.