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    Carplay options

    I did the update using a kit from EurozoneTuning. Pretty much Plug and play. I did have to do a couple of small tweaks using VCDS. I’ve had it for about 2 years with no issues. Absolutely the best thing I have done to my car. CarPlay is fantastic. This kit is not perfect though. No...
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    Kerma Stage 1 tune

    I have had the Kerma tune for over 2 years and it works good. I have done 3 updates since the first tune and never had my radio act up. I just wish Kerma could get rid of the annoying turbo lag.
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    Max Tire Diameter 2015 GSW

    I am running 215x55x17, which are about 1 1/4 inches taller overall than the stock setup for my car. I have no issues with rubbing. This gives a 4.7% speedometer error which I was able to dial in perfectly with VCDS. The overall height is 26.3" vs 25.1" stock. Adding this little bit of...
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    Hatch lid button on fob

    I have the hatch pop kit. Simply hold the unlock bottom on the fob for 2 or 3 seconds and the hatch opens. The only disadvantage is the hatch takes a little more effort to close.
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    [Consolidated Thread] Active CR 12V Module

    I got one of these CR12 boxes from a week or two ago. This tuning box works great. Not quite as smooth as a "real" ECM tune, but decent enough to meet my needs. And, in 5 minutes it is disconnected without a trace. According to the supplier: 0 = stock power output 9 = 20%...
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Hello Russ, Where did you buy the CR 12 tuning box? Thanks, Sean
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    Golf MK7 Infotainment review

    In my opinion, considering the TDI S is a base model car, the VW infotainment system in this car is excellent. It is well thought out, intuitative, looks nice, not gaudy, and just works. Oh, and it has friggin knobs! Nothing beats knobs for fooling with the radio without looking at it. My...
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    Adblue problem

    I just got a call the other day from VW customer care and they said they have arranged to have the part expedited and it will arrive at the dealer soon. The very next day, the dealer called and told me they received the "AdBlue Pump" installed it, and the car tested out ok. They said I could...
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    Adblue problem

    150 miles! Yikes! I would ask for a new car. Don't they have some kind of return policy with that few of miles? I've been without my car now for 2 weeks waiting for the adblue pump. Called yesterday then they said the still don't have the part and I have to wait another two weeks! Ugh...
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    Adblue problem

    Another car with the Adblue warning. Only 1300 miles (2000 KM) I have had this car for 3 weeks. The engine sputtered and then ran ok, but the Check Engine and Adblue warning came on, along with the dreaded " engine will not start in 600miles message" It was snowing and cold outside, about...
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    VCDS, Mac. Is it worth it?

    I use VCDS on my Mac using VMware and windows XP. It works just fine. I am using VMware fusion because I use it for my work. There are free VM packages out there like Virtural Box. I am an IT guy so the VM thing is easy for me. It does is a bit of work to setup if you haven't done this before.
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    Questions about Golf TDI S

    I have a TDI S and live in Colorado as well. No heated seats, but I have never had them in any car, so I don't miss them. My car stays outside too. The car does as good as any front wheel drive car in the snow. It is a bit low to the ground and drags in the deeper snow. The front air dam is...
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    Look at Picture. What is this?

    I just checked under the engine cover on my car. I found a loose black cap that looks very similar
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    Hitch options

    The hidden hitch includes the ball mount, pin and clip, while the draw-tite does not. That appears to be the 25 buck difference
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    Hitch options

    I found this on e-trailer! The price is reasonable.
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    Transponder Key?

    not the friendliest bunch on this forum
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    Transponder Key?

    wow... that kind of response doesn't exactly answer the question. I would suspect that nobody knows the answer to the question?
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    TDI upgrades: ECU flash/Tuning Boxes, etc.

    The Chip Express box has a specific model for the US version of the MK7 (With the US emissions crap)