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    05 BEW starter won't engage

    I started having issues starting my 2005 Jetta BEW wagon 5-speed a few months ago. It sounded like it was skipping teeth on the flywheel or something but would start. It gradually got worse and I finally decided to replace the starter with a new (reman) one. Well that actually made it much...
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    NEW 28F6/T9 Glow plug recall for 04-05 TDI

    You will need the pull the plug out and read the number off it, really the only way to tell. It could be 5V or 7V depending on the programing of the computer. You will need a deep socket 10mm. The last flash was for the 7V and I don't know if the dealer will do it for free any longer since the...
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    Is the bew a good engine?

    I have so many mods over the years I have forgotten some. I bought my car with 74K miles on it, always used "diesel" 5w-40 oil and my stock cam was totally shot by 160k miles. Replaced it with the Colt 2. Still looks like new at 363k miles now. I used to run a high concentration of Bio-Diesel...
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    FS: KP39 turbo

    Bumping to the top, I will pay the shipping.
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    Rear main seal leaking

    I neglected to change out my rear main seal when I did my clutch a couple years ago and now I suspect it has started to leak a little bit. What issues might I see by letting this continue besides the occasional drips on the driveway? I really don't want to have to take the transmission out again.
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    Clutch Choice

    I vote for the VNT17 (for longevity) and the South Bend Stage 2 Daily. The clutch sounds and acts the same as the stock except it will handle more power. I didn't notice the lag with the VNT17, but then again I am making a lot more power too. At times I thought I was going to get killed pulling...
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    Post strut and spring replacement woes

    Just did my front springs to the VR6, Koni struts, replaced the control arm bushings, sway bar bushings, etc. I would check all the bolts and make sure they are tight.
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    Advice for cam and lifter replacement?

    I had the same thing happen to me taking the family on vacation pulling a trailer. Made it to the destination about 200 miles later. Researched what the issue might be, decided to leave the trailer down where we were and drive the 300+ miles back home several days later. I replaced my cam and...
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    Dented oil pan

    I have the same pan on my 05, and it is dented probably much worse than that after hitting a rock. Been driving it like that for 100K miles. Now I have the Panzer plate. I had thought about taking the bottom half of the pan off and hammering it out but it has been low on my list. I inquired...
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    FS: KP39 turbo

    Used KP39 off 2005 BEW with 267.5K miles, I upgraded to a VNT17 last year. Engine was not using any oil and there is little to no shaft play and good actuator. $200 OBO I have pictures upon request.
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    Atlanta GTG in Marietta GA

    Would that be June 7th?
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    Feb or March GTG in Ga.

    Figures, I will be out of town this weekend. I also have some stuff I want to sell, PM me if you are interested in a stock BEW turbo (250K miles), upgraded to bigger turbo but worked fine.
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    2005 Golf TDI BEW - 2nd turbo KB-39 blown

    Ditto what LNXGUY said, you need to take all the plumbing out and clean it after a failure to prevent junk/ shrapnel being sucked back into the turbo and or engine.
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    VNT-17 & upgraded IC plumbing help on BEW

    I have a strong suspicion I have a leak or 2 (holes) in my stock SMIC. Looking to upgrade it but keep the same location and look. I have found several aftermarket SMIC out there for the 1.8t gasser and hear they fit but use regular hose fittings with hose clamps vs the clip on BEW style that I...
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    Buyer/seller feedback thread

    AARodriguez ( has been very helpfull and is a great resource for the TDI community. I now purchase all my parts thru him as he has the best prices and somewhat local for me. Recently purchased a VNT-17 and PD150 injectors (used but tested) for way less than anywhere else. I found...
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    EGR deleted - Water temps in the winter ?

    It has been around freezing or below here in GA, I also have the EGR delete which increases my warmup times. It started when I deleted it. However, I did have some extra foam pipe insulation so I blocked off the bottom grill and part of the top, that made a notable difference but not 100%...
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    Front Left Clunk when Going Over Bump

    Check the control arm bushings, I have one on the drivers side right now that clunks when I drive over bumps. It is split and needs to be replaced. It could also be a loose sway bar.
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    GTG in Western SC or NC soon?

    Maybe we can get Andrew (fixmyvw) to open up his place again for a GTG, mid spring? I will bring my tools and expertise.
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    New Cam break-in procedure with ZDDP.

    I had my original cam eat thru one of the lifters with severe wear on all lobes. Long story short, replaced it with a Colt 2 cam, flushed it with cheap oil (enough to warm it up) then drain and change. Filled again with little bit better oil, ran for a hundred or so miles, drained and changed...
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    EGR deleted - Water temps in the winter ?

    Mine never really seems to warm up now in the winter, even after the 22 mile drive to work. Looking to put something infront of the radiator to block off the air flow.