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    New to us 2015 TDI SEL Jetta 6spd

    Thanks for the head up on the warranty, we were told when she bought it that this car only had stage 1 of the fixes which is the software upgrade. The parts for stage 2 which is the hard parts upgrade were not going to be available till march of this year. We have not heard anything since we...
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    New to us 2015 TDI SEL Jetta 6spd

    Back last August my fiancé bought her self her first newer car. She wanted a 4 door car that had heated seats/ a manual trans and still got decent mileage. The jetta fit the bill. had 40k on it when we bought it love it so far. She is new to the diesel world and VW world. Car has 50k on it now...
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    Valeo SMF clutch setup. F/S OH

    Sorry been out of town. Its for an MK4 taking offers.
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    Valeo SMF clutch setup. F/S OH

    Bump. Taking offers
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    Valeo SMF clutch setup. F/S OH

    Valeo SMF clutch setup MK4. F/S OH Bought the kit I replace my dmf setup. Had to sell the car due to my divorce. Still have this kit. Has 20k on it from what I was told. Come with everything but throw out bearing and flywheel bolts(i think) haven't opened the box yet. Asking 150 obo+...
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    2014 Passat TDi SE 6-Speed, Indiana 16k miles, Blue w/tan & black, Malone/H&R

    If i wasnt in the middle of a divorce i would be all over this car... GL!
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    ALH 5spd Jetta F/S

    Going through a divorce liquidating all unneeded cars/projects right now. Cash only looking to move ASAP. Will deliver for cost of diesel. Dark green 99.5 Jetta 5spd TDI -Rust Free -Paint faded -GL trim crank windows, power locks -Black cloth interior, driver seat is torn on bulster -Less...
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    FS: '13 Passat SE TDI Manual w/Upgrades $24k Indianapolis

    Damn if this is for sale by some chance after the first of the year ill be all over it.
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    1999 Jetta tdi mk4 alh part out

    How much for the clutch? Single mass or Dual?
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    WTB Single Mass clutch setup

    Im looking for a SM clutch setup. Funds are tight cant swing a new one, a used good condition SM will suit me just fine. Looking to buy flywheel and all. Also if anyone happens to have a new stock cam and lifters laying around for whatever reason i would be interested in that as well. Thanks
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    FS: Random MK4 Parts + Alpine CDA-9886

    Shipping on the tie rod ends to 45806?
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    Some MK4 interior parts and engine parts NY

    Would you happen to have the white plug that goes into the back of the HVAC control unit? mine is a little toasty. also would be interested in the blower fan resistor pack if it in working order
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    HVAC plug damage?

    When i bought my car. I didnt have anything from the fan at all. The AC light wouldnt come on nothing. I could see from the front of the control panel that there was some discoloration. After pulling the WHOLE freakin interior apart to get the control panel. I found that the white plug going...
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    FS: A4 Used *OEM* Blower Series Resistor

    I'll take it if you still have it.
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    Transmission knock?

    The timing belt was done at a gurus shop(i did the work he supervised) he heard the noise didnt mention anything about the clutch or trans causing the noise. When the car shuts down you can hear what appears to be gear rattle which from what i have read is a sign of a normal/single mass clutch...
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    Transmission knock?

    I have been hunting down a knock/clack since I redid te timing belt in my new to me jetta that I bought not running due to needing and IP. Shortly after it was running the car developed this sound. I have since pulled the oil pan and valve cover to search for issues. Upon pulling the pan I...
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    FS feeler 199.5 Jetta 5spd

    Throwing my Dark Green 99.5 Jetta GL up for sale. I bought this car back in July with a bad IP. Found a 11mm IP and bought new TB kit as well. I took the car up to Whitbread Performance, I got dirty Matt supervised lol. To cut the story short to why im selling the car. After I installed all...
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    Bad thermostat?

    I have only put about 80miles on the car. Getting new tires on Monday then I'll start driving it all the time.
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    Bad thermostat?

    New parts came in. Looks like the tstat was replaced at some point as it was a WAHLER brand. Putting back together now, any thoughts to the steam/smoke from the oil full cap? Or just ignore it?