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    Transmission shifting problems

    I don’t have the vagcom Used auto fix to get this far… could a shop with the vag com system tell it to record??? And what is the difference really?
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    Crank No start

    Coolant temp sensor. Runs perfectly No CEL only warning, light being that I am running low on window washing fluid because I had to remove the tank to replace my intercooler, belt, and inspect timing belt 👍
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    Crank No start

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the vagcom OBD two I just have a regular cheap OBD two so they could mean many things Stored P0301- misc cyl1- also pending P0101- MAF range- also pending P0196- O2-rich-B1S1 P0299- Underboost P0201- cyl 1 circuit - also pending P0128- coolant thermostat (repl...
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    Crank No start

    Timing was done at 245XXX, we’re at 280 now mark and pray method belts look great! 14 codes
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    Crank No start

    I’m gonna start this off by confessing. I did a huge Oopsie and brought my 04 TDI BEW PD Into a local shop for an oil change, and to diagnose hesitation and limp mode. I have face palmed many many times. Not a single being in this county knows what the $@&$ they’re looking at. And at this...
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    PD parts

    ISO Pancake pipes??? Injectors & loom?