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  1. MoldovaDIZEL

    VW Hamilton has 15 more TDIs in stock.

    it sure is!
  2. MoldovaDIZEL

    VW settlement

    2015 TDI's are back on the market gents with stage 1 fix and stage 2 to come next year once parts arrive. 70/80% of stock has been sold in the first week so it just left overs. All higher trim models are spoken for and we are getting calls from Nova Scotia, Ottawa and so forth looking for high...
  3. MoldovaDIZEL

    Want to buy a TDI

    You can purchase registered Demos put on the road before September but there is not programs/promotions so its pricy.
  4. MoldovaDIZEL

    Fs: Mk6 tdi malone stg2 ecu

    dsg stage 2 deletes not 100% sure about immo but I don't think you need original cluster and all.
  5. MoldovaDIZEL

    Fs: Mk6 tdi malone stg2 ecu

    no this is for gen 2 tdi yours is gen 3...
  6. MoldovaDIZEL

    Fs: Mk6 tdi malone stg2 ecu

    Have a Malone Tuned STG2 ecu for sale that came out of a mk6 2012 Golf $300. text or call 647 880 0480 Alex.
  7. MoldovaDIZEL

    Ontario advice: Considering purchasing 2015 sportwagon

    having had other 14/15 new vdubs the sportswagon is by far my fav. Amazing all around, the only annoyance is the small fuel tank, but economy is good at 5.5-6.0l avg with dsg. Having the 3d gen engine the fix should be the simplest on these ones...
  8. MoldovaDIZEL

    Anyone received money yet from VW Canada?

    Yes car, drivers license, ownership or lease agreement has to be present to activate and all has to match.
  9. MoldovaDIZEL

    DieselGate -> TDI pricing

    $2000 customer appreciation for TDI 2.0 owners 09+ looking to trade theirs or buy another car with a gasoline motor is the promotion for new side+current other month to month incentives For pre owned there are certainly good deals to be had, just financing is bank rate, so if paying cash or in...
  10. MoldovaDIZEL

    Jetta Wagon

    can Golf Wagon play?
  11. MoldovaDIZEL

    DieselGate -> TDI pricing

    dealers are selling used TDI just not as CPO.
  12. MoldovaDIZEL

    Anybody else notice...

    its just the beginning
  13. MoldovaDIZEL

    US Recall

    because no emission certificate has been granted. People are still coming in to buy TDI's regardless of the news and want them bad despite the news. All will be well in the end. TDI FTW.
  14. MoldovaDIZEL

    15 Passat Estate...WHY WE NO GET?!!?!?!

    That's right, VW will be a huge player in the SUV/CROSSOVER market come 2018.....New core models coming!
  15. MoldovaDIZEL

    15 Passat Estate...WHY WE NO GET?!!?!?!

    Because we get this! (my new ride) All jokes aside to certify it, crash test, re adjust for the north American market, make it price competitive in CAD Dollars (remove a lot of things) does not cover the expenses as per business analysis with the low sales volume. The new SportWagon wagon is...
  16. MoldovaDIZEL

    Wtb 18 inch Bristol rim

    yup cheapest place to get them.... ^^^
  17. MoldovaDIZEL

    Monster Wagon

    found another good one
  18. MoldovaDIZEL

    Monster Wagon

    if anyone has not seen this yet, its a Must Watch! I think its the first Diesel I see with a flame during shifting Diesel 4 MOTION FTW
  19. MoldovaDIZEL

    Can I used VCDS to open the trunk on a 2012 Passat? Keys are locked in the trunk. Hav

    if its a Highline use the ski pass to grab the key if locked use the valet key to open from the glove box. Or use the valet key to get in the car and open as usual.... as such
  20. MoldovaDIZEL

    Question about factory tires on 2015 Highline TDI Passat

    The 19" continentals I have suck in the rain big time though. Otherwise smoother and quieter > Hankooks.