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  1. afarfalla

    How do I know if my balance shaft has been deleted?

    Check how many qts it takes at oil change, 41/2 qts you have a BSM, 5 qts you have ALH oil pump
  2. afarfalla

    Balance Shaft Module replacement

    If your oil tops off at 41/2 quarts You have the BSM installed, if it tops off at 5 quarts you have the ALH oil pump
  3. afarfalla

    Airbag removal info needed

    remove negative battery cable, for ease remove the airbag dash cover, unbolt the airbag assembly and take it out install the new one, be careful the yellow connector has a keeper and the connector is delicate. The dash and the airbag dash cover will never be the same. Vagcom may give you an...
  4. afarfalla

    2015 Passat

    yes, wrong nozzle
  5. afarfalla

    05 sedan

  6. afarfalla

    2015 GSW TDI parts car in CT $3000 obo

    that will buff right out
  7. afarfalla

    consider $13000 and I'll buy it, but first let me make sure it can be pick3d up

    consider $13000 and I'll buy it, but first let me make sure it can be pick3d up
  8. afarfalla

    05 sedan

    Fly into Hobby Airport and drive it home.
  9. afarfalla

    05 sedan

    car pictures of the car
  10. afarfalla

    05 sedan

    Seems to have been dealer serviced, there are 4 new Continental tires and a new OEM battery. Car is all original. Previous owner had his windows down when the CCM shorted out, insurance paid, car went to auction, where I bought it. I fixed all the immediate problems; I intended to tackle all...
  11. afarfalla

    05 sedan

    78250 miles Arizona car $4900 or best offer
  12. afarfalla

    Chrome door strip

    run fishing line down it
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  20. afarfalla

    05 sedan

    New OEM battery, 4 new Continental Control Contact tires, 78250 miles Arizona car no rust $4900 or best offer