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  1. GMARK

    Should I make the switch to something different?

    I think the argument against using TDT/D1/D1 ESP has already been put to rest. :) G
  2. GMARK

    Ready to join the (TDT) mafia

    Congratulations indeed! My Jetta is only at 209k...but still running sweetly! ;) G
  3. GMARK

    'New' Shell Rotella T6 full synth

    Looks interesting, but I'm not yet willing to try it in the PD. ;)
  4. GMARK

    Mobil 1 TDT in a PD, more flawless results, new CJ4 formula

    For those interested, my '04 Jetta now has over 180k with more than 120k on T&SUV/TDT/D1 ESP with absolutely no issues. Cam and followers look great, and I've yet to do an intake cleaning. G
  5. GMARK

    Question on an Oil for the PD Engine

    My engine now has over 175k (115,000 miles on D-1/TDT) and is running as well as ever. G
  6. GMARK

    Mobil Delvac 1 ESP 5W40 in 2006 Jetta

    It will void your warranty. ;) More to read than you'll ever care to:
  7. GMARK

    VOA - Schaeffer S9000 5W40 - VOA

    Witih its resistance to shearing, S9000 has proven itself to be superb in the 6.0L Powerstroke, an engine known for being very hard on the oil. Should be a just dandy in a TDI too.;) G
  8. GMARK

    Delvac 1 in a 2006 Golf TDI?

    Not a recommendation or endorsement, but here's plenty to look at and then you can decide for yourself: Respectfully, G
  9. GMARK

    Pentosin PENTOSYNTHTS 5W-40 505.01 ??

    I had my best 505.01 UOAs with that oil. Use it with confidence! ;)
  10. GMARK

    Delvac 1 in a PD

    Good memory Bob. The charged pressure hose came loose where it joins to the EGR valve because of wear. The resulting partial loss in boost caused the ECU to detect a MAF failure and threw the code for it. The result was the engine running in a limp mode where (I'm assuming) the ECU compensated...
  11. GMARK

    Delvac 1 in a PD

    Vectorer, No chip. My engine has no mods whatsoever. :) G
  12. GMARK

    TDI UOA Database

    Date: 7/30/2008 Engine Code: BEW Miles/oil: 15,754 Miles/unit: 163,911 Oil Type: Mobil Delvac 1 ESP Fe Iron: 35 Cr Chromium: 2 Al Aluminum: 7 Cu Copper: 4 Pb Lead: 4 Sn Tin: 1 First UOA with D1 ESP. See complete UOA at the link listed below.
  13. GMARK

    Delvac 1 in a PD

    First UOA with Delvac 1 ESP OK Gang, Here is my first UOA with ESP. The particulars are as follows: Lab used: Predictive Maintenance Services/AV Lube Car: 2004 Jetta GL (PD engine) Mileage on car at time of sample: 163,911 Miles on sample: 15,754 Oil: Mobil Delvac 1 ESP 5w40 (CJ-4) Make-up...
  14. GMARK

    ***! $4.29 per gallon.

    On Monday, RUG went from $3.55/gal to $3.95. Diesel has been $4.29/gal here for the last 6 weeks, but it jumped to $4.59/gal. My fill up this morning cost $71.25. :eek:
  15. GMARK

    APRIL 2008 Mileage Competition

    Driver: GMARK Miles: 809.4 Gallons: 15.181 Model Year: 2004 Model: Jetta Tranny: 5M Fuel Type: ULSD+ST mpg: 53.316
  16. GMARK

    This guy is a jerk

    Bingo, we have a winner! ;)
  17. GMARK

    WOW! "Right foot mod" at work!

    Great numbers! My efforts at economy pay similar dividends. My usual summer mileage is around 56-57 mpg and 800+mpt. The new Continentals have improved mileage too. ;) G
  18. GMARK

    Gasoline Cost Breakdown

    I'm sure that's true, but around here I get passed by a hell of a lot of Pious owners too while I'm cruising merrily along at 65 mph. ;) G
  19. GMARK

    Feeler: potential pre-memorial day GTG in northern MI?

    I'll second that. We did indeed miss you! Mark
  20. GMARK

    GMARK'S Spring GTG- April 19th

    GTG Wrap-up: Well, if you missed it, you missed a great one. The final count was 36 TDIs, 1 Diesel Quantum, and 1 MKII EcoDiesel. A Miata, Chrysler Town-N-Country, Subaru Outback, and a Dodge Dakota rounded out the mix. I can't even count the total number of folks who attended, but it had to...