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  1. Ethanb89

    Still stumped

    Well I’m not 100% sure but I think I’m only getting fuel in injectors 2 and 4. So my assumption was that the fuel shut off solenoid is bad? The fuel filter was or appeared to be empty. So I filled it and still nothing.
  2. Ethanb89

    Still stumped

    I have tried everything I can think of. Car still won’t start. Died on me while driving to work @ 78 MPH. Checked timing, appears to be correct. All fuses are good, 109 relay is working. Injectors are getting fuel. I need help figuring this out from all you tdi buts out there. I’ve come to a...
  3. Ethanb89

    Car died while driving

    So am I correct with my assumption? According to what I have seen, read and the pictures that I have seen on this forum about replacing the belt and doing the timing on these engines sounds about right. Question is will that fix my problem?
  4. Ethanb89

    Car died while driving

    Yes but I don’t have $100 to register yet lol
  5. Ethanb89

    Car died while driving

    OK, I finally was able to get around to doing it and checked the timing. It appears that the injection pump is off 2 teeth on the timing belt. The center lining Mark for the injection pump is almost spot on. I don’t have the tool yet to check and stick it in there but from what I can see it is...
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  9. Timing pictures

    Timing pictures

  10. Ethanb89

    200,000 mile club... roll call!

    Absolutely! I lowered mine on coilovers and she has a nice set of tires. She takes turns and curves at a high speed like you wouldn’t believe. And rides smooth. I love the car but she is being onry rn
  11. Ethanb89

    200,000 mile club... roll call!

    Same mine has 236,000 miles, 2001 beetle 1.9 ALH. Drive it 67 miles each way to work and back. Still ironing out some wrinkles in my sleeves though. I love the car, like driving around a little go cart/ race car.
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    Car photos