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  1. Jerry_T

    Runaway? What next?

    Been here twice now, first time three bent rods and two valves. Compression check was well within spec but difficult cold starts with white smoke until it warmed up. Only found the bent rods after removing the head and measuring piston protrusion. Basic in frame rebuild. Second time only one...
  2. Jerry_T

    Which rear Strut Mount Round or Oval

    Yes rear mounts have rubber bushing, mine are off now and at 295k they look and feel fine. Springs on the other hand, both broken. Be sure to look closely at the springs, their failure is well documented. Both are broken at the bottom coil.
  3. Jerry_T

    FS-MkV Koni Yellow with H&R Springs used 20k, $350

    Sold-MkV Koni Yellow with H&R Springs used 20k, $350 Sold.
  4. Jerry_T

    Brm Black black smoke, won’t drive P0131,P0101

    You are very welcome, glad it's fully operational.
  5. Jerry_T

    Brm Black black smoke, won’t drive P0131,P0101

    Check these vids.
  6. Jerry_T

    Brm Black black smoke, won’t drive P0131,P0101

    Apologies, that would be post #68. "Start with the car up to operating temperature. Use VCDS, Basic Settings channel 011, turn "ON" The car will slowly idle up to 1400 rpm +/-. Now the VNT is in a calibration mode. Note the boost values when the VNT is fully closed and fully open. You are...
  7. Jerry_T

    Brm Black black smoke, won’t drive P0131,P0101

    Jakub, I'll not pretend to have all this memorized, I just stumble along till I find useful info then try to apply it. Post #68 explains very well the info your looking. The entire turbo set up is a pain but well worth the time. The stop is very sensitive and dialing in the actuator will test...
  8. Jerry_T

    Brm Black black smoke, won’t drive P0131,P0101

    Jakub, sounds like turbo vane stop out of adjustment. Take a look here, Check post 62. The entire thread is interesting. Cheers
  9. Jerry_T

    Italian tune-ups really work!

    old acronym/abbreviation list Long ago acronym list, compiled by the Mc Daddys of smart ass.
  10. Jerry_T

    Italian tune-ups really work!

    After the RC tune, I back off before the rev limiter kicks in. I have never hit it and it kind of scares me when the needle is racing toward the 6k mark :eek:
  11. Jerry_T

    Does anyone know if my water pump broke??

    Those who know better than anyone else - just ask them ! ! ! I've been working with then for 25 + years - Da Germans always know best - just ask them. Drivbiwire did a very nice job with the write up, I us it as many hare have. Please pay close attention to ALL the details. Fact is you should...
  12. Jerry_T

    Does anyone know if my water pump broke??

    I only have one so right away you're twice as smart as I am ! ! ! hahaha If you know how to work on things, just do it - I have replaced three to date and there's nothing to it. Like Franko ask, can you follow instructions? And as Tony said - you will need the proper tools / fixtures to index...
  13. Jerry_T

    Drive It Like I Stole It? What does that mean?

    This thread had me lol more than most. Conan, seems as though you have things very well under control ! ! ! One thing not mentioned, or I missed it, is to roll into the throttle - not slamming the pedal to the floor. As with most threads on all forums, this one has more misleading info than...
  14. Jerry_T

    How to video: On car VE injection pump seal replacement video

    Very nice vid ! ! ! Great attention to detail. Is it possible and / or advisable to replace the quantity adjuster? Mine has the flashing glow plug light and has thrown a code indicating QA out of range. I have messed with the adjustment but no change. She surges at idle and the fuel economy...
  15. Jerry_T

    probably going to part out my 99 NB TDI soon

    Being an old chevy man, when I first read this I thought WTH ? Then I reread. Just had to share. +1 for what Hammer said.
  16. Jerry_T

    alh injection pump 10mm rebuilt 30k ago

    Is this thing still holding your dresser down? What other parts do you have? Jerry T
  17. Jerry_T

    Replacing fuel temp sensor, tutorial

    You can also check the resistance of the fuel temp sensor and compare it to the old sensor. It should be about 1300-1800 ohms at room temperature. Note that with the ignition on, one side gets 5V and goes to the ecu, the other side is ground. Also inspect for unusual wear or dirt in the...
  18. Jerry_T

    01 TDI Jetta MORE POWER!

    Ok, you do the work and $900 will take you this far - also the point I am at. Add another $1200 for an upgrade turbo. PP520's first will give you a nice bump - but add the tune on top of that and hold on to your hat - 50%+ more HP is very nice. Jeff worked his magic back in Nov 08 and the stock...
  19. Jerry_T

    Talk TDI?

    KA, My job takes me to Eastaboga from time to time - maybe we could gang up on the new guy? ;) cd - welcome aboard and like they say - read - read - read. The search bar "IS" your friend.:rolleyes: Jerry T