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  1. concours

    MK4 Front Axle 12 point Nut Torque Procedure

    "Its a pretty big bolt so just try and get it as tight as you can" Nope. The tighten-loosen-torque-then-turn sixty degrees is to seat the parts and ensure there is no cocking. Old school mechanic skills that when written out seem odd to parts changers. To achieve that sixty degrees takes a 3'...
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  5. concours

    2006 Jetta TDI loaded for sale, NH rust free Southern car

    SOLD to a non-whiner. A pleasure to deal with.
  6. concours

    Cam shaft seals German made

    ALH BEW BRM engines
  7. concours

    Cam shaft seals German made

    $8 each shipped CONUS
  8. concours

    ALH injector pump quantity adjuster

    $10 shipped CONUS
  9. concours

    B5.5 Passat serpentine belt

    $10 shipped CONUS
  10. concours

    ALH serpentine belts $20 for two

    $20 shipped CONUS
  11. concours

    SOLD Strut spreader bit tool metalnerd

    $10 shipped CONUS