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    Import mk4 pd150

    Got it. That's another factor.
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    Import mk4 pd150

    That's not true. " A motor vehicle that is at least 25 years old can be lawfully imported into the U.S. without regard to whether it complies with all applicable FMVSS."...
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    What's wrong with my transmission? 02j manual transmission disassemble (help?)

    Frans had NOS transmissions for a while, then I saw he had VW-branded rebuilds. Might be worthwhile to get one of those if there's too much wear or carnage in yours.
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    ECM Immobilization, now my instrument cluster & key don’t work

    NEVER say you're going to sue unless you are prepared to do it. Legally that's a bad move.
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    Vacuum routing and hose sizes

    Just replace. No special procedure
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    Clutch replacement on 03 ALH Jetta

    If it's just the clutch, no diesel diagnostics, you can pick any foreign car shop with good local ratings.
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    real world EVs review

    Washington monument in DC has the top made from aluminum. At the time it was as very expensive then just 2 years later a new extraction technique made the price drop drastically.
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    Lost the key for lug nut - how to remove the nut now?

    Who says you have to use the security lug again? Buy the security key, remove all the security lugs, replace with regular.
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    Key fob

    Buy a used good-condition fob on Ebay. Transfer over your key and RFID chip. program your buttons (no computer required for this step). Finished.
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    Bulkhead connector recommendations

    You could buy a base model 42-pin Mustang bulkhead connector at a salvage yard, likely quite cheap, and new terminals. I think the years will be '96-04, (might just be '00-'04) but check to be sure. You then just crimp on new factory terminals. That should be a passenger-side connection and...
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    Bulkhead connector recommendations

    what year Mustang, what engine/fuel system are you using?
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    How to find where mice are getting in an MK4 (03 Jetta)

    Just put baited traps at each tire and you should catch them.
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    BEW Glow plug harness replacement

    Heat shrink tubing will give a better moisture-resistant seal than that tape.
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    Help! Hard coolant pipe won’t go back in

    add a water-based lubricant to the o-ring before sliding it on to reduce friction from grabbing it
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    real world EVs review

    I doubt they'd invest $175 million unless they had determined it would be profitable.
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    Does the world need more used Mk4 ALH parts?

    It needs more NEW parts.
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    real world EVs review
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    Anyone have access to the glow plug wiring diagram and voltage?

    OwenWS25 New member · From PNW Joined May 5, 2019 Last seen May 6, 2019
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    Limp mod after tdi conversion

    Well you know it's either the pressure to the wastegate or a control issue/bad parameter issue. MAF can be tested. Here is a video but not sure if it applies to yours The N75 can be tested easy by disconnecting the harness and applying 12 volts and ground to the terminals. It'll open/close the...