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  1. Highwaylizard

    Rear Camber/inner tire wear

    Thank you sir - I appreciate the clarification.
  2. Highwaylizard

    Rear Camber/inner tire wear

    Bump - does anyone know if the rear lower control arms are side specific?
  3. Highwaylizard

    Rear Camber/inner tire wear

    Just replaced my rear suspension bushings and have a quick question. Had a devil of a time getting the rear lower control arms installed and bolted back in - are they left and right specific?
  4. Highwaylizard

    Front Suspension Work/Price Check

    Just finished up replacing the lower control arms, inner and outer tie-rods, sway bar links, and ball joints. All in, including buying a special tool for the tie rods on Amazon, and bolts from VW, I spent about $350. The local shop wanted $2,700 to do this. I just cannot afford to pay...
  5. Highwaylizard

    Long Crank

    Top of the pump was dry with a layer of dust on it.
  6. Highwaylizard

    Long Crank

    I haven't had a chance to check the top of the tank/fuel pump yet as we have been slammed at the shop but when I went to start the car today it started with no problems. It sat outside on level ground since Monday with over night temperatures in the 20's and daytime temperatures in the 40's...
  7. Highwaylizard

    Just me...or is there an unusually large number of "new members" in the past few weeks?

    I don't post much first off because I'm a novice when it comes to TDI's and I spend most of my time here reading posts and trying to learn as much as I can. When I do post it's because I've encountered a problem I cannot figure out on my own. Sorry - I know that comes across as rather...
  8. Highwaylizard

    Long Crank

    Not yet as I was not sure of where to start. I will inspect the top of the lift tank and post back up. At work and its a bit cold here. I will see if I can get the car inside the shop here and take a look later this evening. Thank you for the guidance.
  9. Highwaylizard

    Long Crank

    Okay I have found that if I prime the system using my handheld scanner the car starts up every time without any problems. I am leaning toward a loss of fuel pressure when the car sits. The loss of pressure/long crank happens in a shorter period of time when the car sits facing uphill. A few...
  10. Highwaylizard

    Long Crank

    Checked all the nuts on the fuel lines and all were tight. Opened up the fuel filter canister and inspected. Found some flecks of material but they were not metallic. Took pictures but could not figure out how to post them in this post so here is a link to the album I created...
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    Flecks in the bottom of the fuel filter housing. They are not metallic.
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    Fuel Filter after about 17,000 miles
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    Flecks in the bottom of fuel filter housing. They are not metallic
  14. Fuel/Long Start

    Fuel/Long Start

    Fuel Filter
  15. Highwaylizard

    Long Crank

    No work done on the car that preceeded the long crank issue. I still need to get out in the garage and see if any of the nuts on the fuel lines need snugged up but plan to do that this afternoon.
  16. Highwaylizard

    Long Crank

    Ran the previous tank out to below the 1/8 tank mark and fueled up at my usual station. I work out of town for part of the week and the car sits while I am working. I went to start the car today and it was one of the longest cranks I have ever had. I am going to check the nuts on the fuel...
  17. Highwaylizard

    Horrible MPG, but car runs excellently? 2012 Jetta Sportwagen

    I'm sorry - what aspect are you referring to when you say "that"? Soot? High engine temperatures? Frequent regens?
  18. Highwaylizard

    Long Crank

    Will do - thank you
  19. Highwaylizard

    Long Crank

    Also doing it now if sitting on level ground. Air temperatures here are above freezing - could it still be possible that it is the intercooler collecting moisture? I am beginning to wonder if I got some fuel with water in it at the last fill-up. I filled up on 2-29-2024 ( a Thursday) at a...