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  1. MacBuckeye

    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    The VW journey ends..... $$$ hit the bank account today. EFT took 2 business days. The CHASE website must be over -loaded because it was a real pain trying to log into the site and create the account, fund transfer, etc.. So for those of you who get the email from CHASE, be patient and...
  2. MacBuckeye

    Turn-In Condition Thread!

    The dealership (two buyback specialists) never even started my car. So unless they saw me drive up, they never started it, never drove it, etc. Nothing. They checked to make sure the VIN matched, removed my expired license plate, and 5 mins later we were done. So, all you with a DPF Delete...
  3. MacBuckeye

    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    Did anyone get a number for CHASE? What is the timeframe for getting an email from them? I turned my vehicle in yesterday. I see where some people are getting a email from Chase within 24 hours. Still waiting? :(
  4. MacBuckeye

    It could be just me but time slots to turn in only two days a week? What?

    When I scheduled at the dealer they were only accepting appointments two days a week. Possibly due to the volume of vehicles they have to handle. 10-15 per week maybe? That would fill up a car carrier if all of the vehicles were being shipped off. That's just one dealership. The logistics...
  5. MacBuckeye

    NC Buybacks

    Leith VW in Raleigh Took maybe 15 minutes. No fuss, no muss. Very surprised it was that simple. And I got more $$ back than I expected. I must have calculated wrong. Bonus... :D
  6. MacBuckeye

    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    Wow, it was that easy. My 15 minute Buyback experience.... (VW dealer in Raleigh) - arrived on time - met consultants - provided ID and title - consultants went outside to confirm mileage and VIN#. NOTHING else! - signed POA and mileage statement - printed out receipt, emailed receipt, and...
  7. MacBuckeye

    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    Notary at Buyback site? Quick question... is there a Notary on site at the dealership? I have the title, free and clear. Only my name on the title. To transfer ownership the title must be signed and notarized. I assume they are doing this at the buyback appointment. My buyback is tomorrow...
  8. MacBuckeye

    EFT Transfer

    Turn-in date still showing original schedule time. No changes. T-minus 21 days..... :D btw... Enjoying my new vehicle. Driving more, worrying less. No more turbo failures. No more HPFP worries. No more door locks needing replaced. I'll soon be posting in the "VW stuff 4 Sale" forum. Oil...
  9. MacBuckeye

    EFT Transfer

    There is no mention of any "fee" or "wire transfer fee" that I could find. Nor was it on any of the pages during the last step of the process. Nor was there any mention of having to have a Chase account. This is a simple wire transfer. If you don't do it online or before the turn-in...
  10. MacBuckeye

    Buy Back Spreadsheet - Track our buyback status

    Wow! I got a response in two days. And it was on a Saturday. Completed the final step and scheduled buyback for Dec. 7th. Earliest I could have picked was Dec. 2nd. Looks like the dealership I'm going to only has appointments on Wednesdays and Fridays. About 6 appointments per day. Good...
  11. MacBuckeye

    Got an offer email

    Notary issue / question Has anyone noticed that the page to be notarized does note have the date for the Notary Expiration? Most, if not all documents, ask or have a place for the date the Notary's commission expires. Maybe VW and/or the Third Party didn't realize this?? Anyone having their...
  12. MacBuckeye

    Got an offer email

    Buyback Offer received Received email this morning on the "final offer". Will notarize the documents and upload tomorrow. The offer amount was the same as the original estimate. One step closer.... btw.. Here was/is my timeline: 8-9-16 Filed my vehicle with VW 10-15-16 Received...
  13. MacBuckeye

    How to do your buyback calculations (& post them here!)

    Sorry for bringing this up late in the game, but do you subtract both the Buyback adjustment and the Mod adjustment from the vehicle value from table 1A? My 2009 is valued at $13,067 using table 1A. With 191K miles on the OD it looks like I deduct $3,900. Do I also subtract $650? Leaving me...
  14. MacBuckeye

    FYI If you're off on your mileage

    I'm sure the "Offer" is going to be similar to the initial estimate we all received. VW and this Third Party are smart enough to know that people will report their initial mileage incorrectly (on purpose or by honest mistake). Once the vehicle arrives at the dealership at the "appointment" the...
  15. MacBuckeye

    10 Business days + 10 Business days for Audit?

    Ssshhhh... I hear crickets. Or is that someone's feet dragging? It's been 10 "business" days since I got the OK from VW. Not holding my breath. Hurry up and wait..... I bet we don't hear anything until next week.
  16. MacBuckeye

    When do you think we will hear anything about incentives to stay with VW?

    Think of the additional financial impact on VW if NONE of us were to purchase a VW with the buyback money???? VW is buying our cars and providing extra $$ to soften the blow for our troubles. If we all go and buy another VW, then is VW really losing anything? They get our cars and they get...
  17. MacBuckeye

    When do you think we will hear anything about incentives to stay with VW?

    Nov. 1st is just around the corner and I'm sure new promos and financing will be offered. I'll make a small wager that dealerships will entice us to stay with VW during the buyback process. I was told that there will be assigned sales staff working with or in conjunction with the Third Party...
  18. MacBuckeye

    When do you think we will hear anything about incentives to stay with VW?

    Honda, Nissan, etc. etc are all aware what VW is going through and will certainly want our business. I already have several dealers quoting me prices... discounted prices off MSRP. Anywhere from 13-19% off MSRP. VW wants me to remain a VW customer. Honda and other dealers want me to jump...
  19. MacBuckeye

    Scheduling buyback appointment

    I received my email confirmation from VW on 10-15-16 that the documents were approved and I would hear back with an offer within 10 business days. Other members received a similar message with varying verbiage but basically saying the same thing. It all hinged on "eligibility". It's been 11...