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  1. Richard55

    FS 2003 Jetta $3500

    Sorry to ask you this in the listing but I am looking for a set of performance rods for an alh any suggestions?
  2. Richard55

    RYAN P's 6 speed 02M Conversions and ALL Euro TDI Parts

    Ryan can you get a set of performance rods Can’t find anything here in the states Need a new set for the 1.9 alh
  3. Richard55

    Wtb Performance Rods

    Looking for alh rods IE or equivalent highpro rods Need four of course
  4. Richard55

    New member here -- New Beetle upgrades?

    Call me when you can I have been modifying the new beetles for years Maybe ba able to answer some of your questions 541 980 1466
  5. Richard55

    Tdi beetle fmic?

    I installed on my NB ten years ago and love it
  6. Richard55

    1.9 alh engines and automatic transmission

    I have 2 alh motors with transmission attached, 1. only 152,000 miles. $1,000 2. 247,000 miles. $850.00 no IPs I pulled both out of running cars Richard55, trusted tdiclub guru 541-980-1466
  7. Richard55

    2006 Jetta TDI transmission?

    Jackie Richard55 here, I am a trusted tdi mechanic on the forum. call me about your transmission problem I am in Georgia 541 980 1466
  8. Richard55

    Wtb dsg transmission

    need a good low mileage DSG for a 5.5 Jetta. will travel to pick it up. callme at 541 980 1466. east coast please
  9. Richard55

    Repairs at Richard's

    wow it has been a year now since I had my ankle replaced and it sure is different than before, I can walk again without the intense pain that was there before. I have been working on all types of TDIs though out the this past year, but doing it a lot slower then in the past. All at my pace...
  10. Richard55

    Fs jcr transmission

    I have an EUH and could use the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th out of it. I think mating the JCR and the EUH together could be a good box for a modified engine..
  11. Richard55

    Fs jcr transmission

    I think I will put these gears in a standard o2j case and see how it runs in my car. May be a great up grade.
  12. Richard55

    Fs jcr transmission

    "02J" 5 Speed New Beetle, Golf/Jetta IV, VR6,TDI Code 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th R&P Notes ***reference only*** EBD 3.300 1.944 1.308 1.029 0.837 4.235 1.8T Mk4 Golf (AGU engine) ENJ 3.300 1.944 1.308 1.029 0.837 3.684 1.8T (2000) Mk4 Golf EHA 3.300 1.944 1.308...
  13. Richard55

    Fs jcr transmission

    This is the "Freeway Flyer" trans as some call it, I guess because of the gear ratio being higher then the standard 02j transmission. They are getting rarer all the time and this is a good one. About 160k on it. Out of a 5.5 Jetta I want $650.00 plus shipping for this one. Call me at 541-980-1466
  14. Richard55

    Repairs at Richard's

    lol This intercooler had over two quarts of oil in it, all the way to the intake and head. It is the small particular metal that flows with the oil that gets thru the intercooler. The intercooler does not a filter in it to keep small pieces from flowing thru it into the motor. lol No the...
  15. Richard55

    Repairs at Richard's

    I find it interesting how this guy left out so much of the information on his repair. 1. He hydro-locked his motor causing two bent rods and that was fixed. 2. then he destroyed the turbo, sending both impellers thru the entire intake and exhaust and would not repair it correctly as advised...
  16. Richard55

    Vendor Accountability Thread

    I would like to provide a more linear timeline to these events as they occurred. 10/18/2014 Replaced Cam lifters and Timing belt on Tim's 2005 Golf as seen in his post here: A Year Goes By... 09/27/2015:Tim contacted me about a auto...
  17. Richard55

    Repairs at Richard's

    I have contact them already. Just waiting for a reply
  18. Richard55

    WTB BEW good short block

    bump to the top
  19. Richard55

    WTB BEW good short block

    Need a good BEW short block for a rebuild I am doing. It will be shipped to 30663