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  1. mannytranny

    Tell me about Toureg TDI's 2013+

    I bought a '16 with 40k miles in 2018 for $35k. I drove it another 30k and sold it for the same exact price in 2022. Only problem over that time was once, when 150 miles into a 2000 mile trip the SCR system faulted and threatened to not start within 150 miles. It was not a joke. I was able to...
  2. mannytranny

    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)

    My beloved 335D has been a relative gem. But get this...I have not put a drop of urea in this thing for 3 years and 30k miles. I never deleted it, but it mysteriously stopped requiring urea after a trip to the dealer for some emissions warranty work. They must have pulled some trick that turned...
  3. mannytranny

    What can be done to increase fuel economy?

    I have been reading on the diesel truck forums quite a lot and there is pretty substantial evidence that certain additives will increase mileage by 5-10%. The most mentioned ones are Archoil and Stantadyne. I didn't think much of it but a lot of guys have done tests and I'm convinced there is...
  4. mannytranny

    Ad Blue Total Frustration Adaptive Coding 10a?

    I ended up removing and cleaning the AdBlue injector and resetting the system with VagCom. Problem went away then I sold the car 10k later.
  5. mannytranny

    HPFP to get VW to honor their warranty!

    A company willing to cheat federal emissions regulations wouldn't bat an eye cheating an individual - in fact they've been doing it for years!
  6. mannytranny

    How-to : Warm up your TDI in -40 degrees, shown by VW dealer in Canada!

    Well it wouldn't be the first example of incompetence from a VW dealer, eh?
  7. mannytranny

    Low Mile 2015/16 TDI's about to hit dealers...

    A lowly Sport w/ Tech, no less!
  8. mannytranny

    Ad Blue Total Frustration Adaptive Coding 10a?

    I had fits with mine a few months ago. Filled up the AdBlue before I went on a long trip and 100 miles in the AD Blue system failure light comes on, 200 miles to no start. Drove it 900 miles to my destination straight through without shutting it off. Had VagCom mailed to me where I searched the...
  9. mannytranny

    Ad Blue Total Frustration Adaptive Coding 10a?

    And your dealer sure as sh!t shouldn't have charged you anything. According to the settlement, they are supposed to fill you up with urea for FREE. I'd go back down there and demand my money back, just for SPITE.
  10. mannytranny

    Strange 2015 Touareg TDI Malfunction

    A reasonable person might believe the car, being so smart, would be able to sense the new battery and make the necessary adjustments. I see more and more evidence of automakers using software to sabotage these vehicles all so the unwitting customer must return, wallet in hand, to the thieving...
  11. mannytranny

    Renewable diesel

    It seems like every other station around here says Renewable Diesel now.
  12. mannytranny

    My new to me 16 TDI Touareg

    62k on mine, original pads and rotors. Zero vibration. Looked at the pads last week and while I'm unsure how thick the originals were I'm confident in saying I could pry go another 60k. But then again I don't drive like 'most people.'
  13. mannytranny

    My new to me 16 TDI Touareg

    Good find! Do you mind sharing what you paid? With regard to the fluids...I agree with shortening the OCI. It couldn't hurt. Even still, mine rattled occasionally on startup even with 35k miles on it. I'm at 62k now and it doesn't seem to have gotten worse. Just changed the transfer case and...
  14. mannytranny

    Okay to drive with Reductant Pressure too Low CEL?

    I can't recall exactly how it is reset but I think it is in basic settings. The best info I found on this was in the VagCom forums - lots of helpful stuff in there RE Ad Blue problems.
  15. mannytranny

    Void warranty

    Knowing VW, any chance they can get to void a warranty they DO IT.
  16. mannytranny

    2013 Touareg TDI - Reliability / Problem Areas

    Would be a good idea to see what work has been done on the specimen that you're looking at. It may still be under partial warranty from the dieselgate ordeal. Maintenance records would be very important as well. Problem areas: emissions control stuff. DPF and AdBlue systems are problematic...
  17. mannytranny

    Okay to drive with Reductant Pressure too Low CEL?

    Low pressure sounds like a faulty pump, so cleaning the injector probably won't do anything? You'll soon get a warning screen '200 miles to no start.' No kidding. If you have Vagcom you can continue to reset the lockout, but I think each time you do it you'll only have '50 miles to no start.'...
  18. mannytranny

    Anybody use Propel HPR in a BEW....

    My local commercial fuel supplier has gone to B20 and Renewable Diesel in a 'mix of the day' arrangement. I think I read that the Renewble diesel has a cetane almost 10 points above CARB #2. Edit: D2 has a...
  19. mannytranny

    2014 TDI CNRB - overheating "allegedly"

    Thanks for documenting. While it may seem that no one is reading, I've found lots of posts like this over the years associated with a slew of different vehicles that really helps when diagnosing an issue. Here's to hoping it is a cheap sensor. Sounds like thats the case.