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  1. Dunno513

    coming up on 300K miles.

    grab a dipstick tube If it hasn't broken already.
  2. Dunno513

    12v power outlets always hot

    thanks for the answers. I think ill try to find an open switched fuse and splice it in there.
  3. Dunno513

    12v power outlets always hot

    both my 12v outlets are always on. While this is great for my gps, it isn't so good for my camera which depends on a switched outlet for proper operation. Not finding a lot on here except for the few who say its sometimes switched and sometimes always hot. Just wondering if there is...
  4. Dunno513

    04 bew intermittent engine shutter when engine is warm

    Make sure you also check your fuel temp harness wire. That causes a shudder and low power output depending on the temperature of the engine. It will eventually throw a code when it gets bad enough but it will cause a hiccup every now and again while under power, usually on a hill. I'm...
  5. Dunno513

    Transmission oil change kit

    even easier way with no waste $2 oil fill tube / adapter sold at Walmart and a Gatorade bottle. Tip of oil tube is a tight fit in the oil filter orifice, cut the bottom of the bottle out, small bungee cord to keep it upright and fill er up. 5l out, 5l in. bing bang boom. Tube even has a handy...
  6. Dunno513

    Shell Rotella T6 5w40

    T6 good, M1 TDT better. Been running M1 - it's 5w-40 cousin - since warranty expired at 60k. 240k now and no cam issues. T6 is now one of three oils spec'd for the EcoDiesel 3.0 and have been running that in there. (warranty) M1 will go in after that's up. M1 had better numbers and was a tad...
  7. Dunno513

    PD glow plugs 11v???

    The 11v ALH plugs will work, but don't expect them to get you started below 0 deg F. Mine came with the NGK 7v originally. I never had the 5v update done, nor was I eligible since I had the NGK plugs originally. There is a procedure buried somewhere here to alter the glow settings. I did it but...
  8. Dunno513

    Gonna miss you Touareg say hello 7 seater Tiguans

    Easier solution Get the snip snip before you outgrow the 5 seater and buy a jeep. Loving the ecodiesel Grand Cherokee. Proper powertrain and 4wd that works. 32 mpg isn't too shabby for 6k of steel
  9. Dunno513

    Engine Code: P0183 - Fuel Temp Sensor

    Broken wire here too Just got done fixing the wiring near the connector. Thanks VW for bending it in there like that. It did make it 240k miles before it finally broke enough wire strands to make it noticeable and throw a code. For those seeking to diagnose, I noticed a random hiccup...
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  11. Dunno513

    200,000 mile club... roll call!

    200,000 miles today. Took 9.5 years.. but I made it. Finally showing some wear on the cam lobes. Will watch and change at 240k with the timing belt.
  12. Dunno513

    BEW with 18628/p2196 02 sensor too rich

    Replaced the sensor yesterday. Pretty straight forward. All you need is a wrench for the sensor, a hammer, a 10mm for the connector box nuts and a flat head screwdriver to help unclip the connector and the harness clips. Helpful tip, loosen the sensor first. Mine came right off. Just...
  13. Dunno513

    BEW with 18628/p2196 02 sensor too rich

    just bought one from Amazon. $92. and free shipping to boot. 193k on the odo. Seems to be tripping after a hard romp. I also get a boost limp on full pedal at about 3k rpm. its only there with a car full of people or ac on during the hotter weather. goes away during winter... Every...
  14. Dunno513

    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    Above and beyond would have been a phone video uploaded to youtube and a link sent to the DMV tax office. I highly doubt this was a first occurance and thus not a minor sin. Its not like he pulled up to the taxed pump, debated and backed up to the off road pump.... he knew where where he was...
  15. Dunno513

    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    So, 9 years of owning a TDI and I finally have a story, but its not about me. I fuel up, then pull away from pumps to meet up with someone. While waiting I see a pickup truck pull up to the pump and a mercedes pull up as if to say.. mine first. The truck pulls away from the pump and up next...
  16. Dunno513

    Strut mount replacement question

    Just got done doing it this way. So easy it was scary. Picked up a regular old 14x1.5 nut at the ol hardware store. Hardest part was getting the first nut off. Well I do live in the rust belt. Impact wrench was the only option on one side. PB blaster helped. Tips.. Dont tighten the...
  17. Dunno513

    Parts Question re: ABS Wheel Speed Sensor

    Picked up a used knuckle just in case but it wasn't needed. After the new hub went on, the problem went away. Shop claims the ear wasn't bent, but I saw what I saw. Anyone need a right front knuckle with a good hub and ball joint?:rolleyes:
  18. Dunno513

    Parts Question re: ABS Wheel Speed Sensor

    So while doing the brakes.... Which the rear pads probably could have gone another 185k.. I noticed that the tab where the abs sensor mounts is bent inwards slightly. It doesn't appear to have moved the abs more than 1/32 or so but clearly it's part of the problem. Now I question whether or...
  19. Dunno513

    Parts Question re: ABS Wheel Speed Sensor

    I'm having the same symptoms which started with a new aftermarket hub installed. Shop claims that the abs is not showing up on their scanner when it's pulsing coming to a stop. Just noticed while replacing the brakes that there is quite a gap now between the tone ring and the sensor. About...