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  1. NRU73

    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    We turned our car in on Friday Jan 6 and didn't see the email from Chase until the following Wednesday afternoon.
  2. NRU73

    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    Turned in our Golf on 1/6/17 9:00 a.m. As of this morning no email asking us to create a chase account. I expected it by now. Hopefully today.
  3. NRU73

    Here's your stripped car test case folks...

    I'm confused how so many get bent out of shape trying to defend VW in the case of stripping the cars. It's a case of morals. Technically what he did is no different than driving a jeep with the doors off which is not a ticketable offense in most states. As long as it has all required...
  4. NRU73

    My Stripped (then un-stripped) Buyback attempt and experience

    Where did you return your car? Just curious. From the scheduling thing it seems that Dealers will only have the Rep certain days of the week. My Dealer in Glastonbury only has Wed-Fri to do BB's. I assume that one Rep bounces around to different Dealers different days of the week.
  5. NRU73

    Risks of Continued Driving/Delaying Buyback?

    We debated keeping the car. I'll be honest, I've been nervous of the HPFP failure since the day I brought the car home 4 years ago. Between that and the intercooler water issue during cold rainy, but above freezing weather, and that made the decision for me. We'll take the money from VW and buy...
  6. NRU73

    Has anyone returned a stripped TDI yet?

    In regards to alloys, what can I do if I needed some scratch 2 years ago and sold them on Craigslist? There's no way I'd be going out to try and buy a new set.
  7. NRU73

    Has anyone returned a stripped TDI yet?

    I won the lottery? How so? I planned to own the car for many years, but now it would need a fix (which doesn't exist) and there's always the issue of not having it fixed and my state deciding that it shouldn't be on the road come registration renewal time. I honestly think VW should be buying...
  8. NRU73

    Any buybacks completed in CT?

    Is VW finally part of the USAA new car program? That would be great. I used it for my Sprinter. Good to know. Thanks. I'm mulling over getting a GTI. Not sure yet though.
  9. NRU73

    Any buybacks completed in CT?

    Turning in our 2013 Golf on 1/6/17 We made our appointment last week. Returning to Langan in Glastonbury. Has anyone that turned in gotten really good deals on a new VW? That'll be a deciding factor if we stay with VW this time around.
  10. NRU73

    Emission software letter?

    Got the letter saturday. Haven't scheduled anything yet.
  11. NRU73

    Looking at new 2013 JSW TDI. Reliable commuter car or not?

    Going by your posts I think you'll be fine. To me one of the biggest things is the interior of the VW's. I would take our Golf for the interior and sport seats alone over the new Camry a friend of ours has. Never mind the engine and how it rides.
  12. NRU73

    New 2012 JSW Windows fog up when raining

    It sounds like a Recirc issue. Turn it off and it will probably clear up.
  13. NRU73

    2013 Golf Price

    Purchase Date: 12/1/12 VW Golf 4-door 6MT Nav + Sunroof. First Aid Kit, Monster Mats. Price: 26,500 Haggled a little bit. The dealership was okay. Does anyone really enjoy buying cars?:rolleyes: Although our salesman tried telling us that there was no such thing as a 4 door TDI with a manual...
  14. NRU73

    FS: 2002 Golf GLS TDI Silver 4 door

    The car is Sold! Thanks Sam. Enjoy the car! Very nice to meet you! SOLD! Nathan
  15. NRU73

    FS: 2002 Golf GLS TDI Silver 4 door

    Thanks for the interest guys! It looks to be leaving today. If it doesn't I'll let you all know. Thanks again! Nate
  16. NRU73

    Iphone 5 & Bluetooth small issue/question.

    I don't have an Iphone, but I do have some phones where if it's been playing music through Pandora or something and I go to make a phone call afterwards I'll need to re start Pandora since the phone call used up so much memory and the OS dumped Pandora. Perhaps that is what's happening to you...
  17. NRU73

    FS: 2002 Golf GLS TDI Silver 4 door

    PM's replied to. Thanks, Nathan
  18. NRU73

    another hpfp failure

    The JSW outsells the Golf by a large margin. More JSW's on the road equals more break downs. But probably still close to each other percentage wise. This is the registration numbers.
  19. NRU73

    Installing a Navigation system in a 2010 Jetta

    The Smartphone idea is a good one. You can even do it without having phone service. Using WiFi just load the maps offline that you need, plot your route with the Navigation app, and then you are good to go as the GPS antennae doesn't need a data connection. Also if you have an Android phone you...