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    Toyota Tacoma ALH Swaparoo!!

    Thats awesome. You still on the same pump?
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    Dodge Dakota Quad 4X4 ALH

    Slight update. I finally loaded up the front axle. Pattern was good on the second stab. RCVs is way overkill but really not much more than crome-o shafts. Used a Tom woods offset 1310 on the T-case side. as at full droop its over 30 degrees. Locker cable isint installed yet but...
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    BHW/ALH VE Hybrid...

    You are correct the piston bowl drops the CR not the head. Assuming a undecked ALH head of course should be close to spec as a hybrid block can be. So I did some measuring and found this unmolested BHW block has a piston protrusion peak of .98. Measured in line with the piston pins. So a...
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    BHW/ALH VE Hybrid...

    Im gonna assume the same methodology of other gas builds Ive done and look at what the protrusion spec is and what is available from the factory in this case. I havent confirmed it exactly but I am going to assume undecked head that you want a min .41mm to max .54mm deck projection minus...
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    BHW/ALH VE Hybrid...

    Thanks found it. Deck piston projection needs to fall between .91mm and 1.20mm. 1 hole gasket is 1.45mm. 2 hole is 1.53mm. and 3 hole is 1.61mm .
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    BHW/ALH VE Hybrid...

    Jimbote I finally about to embark on this and my BHW shortblock is missing its original headgasket so I am unsure if it was a 1,2, or 3 hole headgasket. Any info on what to use or what quinch measurement to find out?
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    Dodge Dakota Quad 4X4 ALH

    Original drivers side mount let loose and started buzzing the frame on the pass side. When loaded the driverside mount is in tension. Id say this is a maintenance item every 100k miles. Using f150 Hyd mounts.
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    ALH into 95 Ranger 4x4

    I agree also look for a hose that is collapsing.
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    1999 S10 ZR2 BHW Swap

    Hydroboost. Nice.
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    Dodge Dakota Quad 4X4 ALH

    slight update. Time for a new starter after 6 years. still worked fine but the solenoid trigger wire connector had become loose inside from all the vibration and would occasionally no start. I can always bump start it or walk out and reach into the passenger wheel well and wiggle the terminal...