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  1. Bronco Bass

    Bronco Bass

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    New Beetle Bike Carrier for Sale

    We have a Thule roof rack, complete with fairing and 2 Velo Vise bike carriers for sale. Infrequently used for 2 seasons. Also comes with 2 front-wheel holders and 6 (I think) cylinder locks keyed the same. Pictures here: Thule VW NB Rack We'll take $250.00 for it and you come get it, or...
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    2001 NB TDI GLS for sale.

    Price drop.
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    Anyone do CarFax?

    You mean like going to on your computer (that's the thingy with the TV screen and all the buttons) and going step-by-step through the website?
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    WTB: Beetle TDI

    I have a yellow 2001 5-speed TDI + Upsolute and Spec clutch for sale here for $7,500 Has 53k miles. We have to haul more stuff now, and the NB, although a great car, is no longer practical for us
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    2001 NB TDI GLS for sale.

    Happened to be visiting my brother in Fort Myers.
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    2001 NB TDI GLS for sale.

    We have a 2K1 NB TDI GLS for sale. Yellow with gray cloth interior. Upsolute and Spec Stage 1 clutch. 53K miles. Oil changed every 5k with Rotella Synthetic. Asking $7,500. E-mail off-forum for more info.
  8. 2001 NB TDI GLS

    2001 NB TDI GLS

    For sale to good home.
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    What Bike attachment are you using?

    Thule makes the VW rack, so their trays will fit. Don't get the down-tube clamp-style holders. They suck. The fork mounts are much better. We have the Thule rack built especially for the NB. Front fork mounts open wide enough to clear "lawyer's lugs" on mountain bikes. The gripe I have...
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    Roof Rack Keys

    There aren't many different Thule cylinders (they might all be the same - you can buy a bag of them at bike shops). Find someone with a Thule rack and ask to try their key.
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    VW introduces Passat TDI (Press Release)

    If automatics perform so poorly, why did formula 1 put in a rule banning fully auto transmissions this year? Does anyone remember the Chaparral? Just a 2-speed auto, but man, could it run!
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    What the fark is this?

    [ QUOTE ] That may be the only horny toad (horned lizard) any of you ever see - they are way endangered now [/ QUOTE ] And they are deee-licious! You live on a butte out there? My brother wants to retire out there, and he should have bought land 10 years ago when he lived in Austin.
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    Clutch Vibrations

    Seems like it would matter if it were an old RWD car and the stick went straight into the tranny. It does present a nice place to hang one's hand. My old flight instructor yelled at me so often for taking my right hand off of the throttle that I now have to have it on something, even when I...
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    What the fark is this?

    TCU? Foat Wuff, I think.
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    Check this video out

    [ QUOTE ] It's more like the fast and frugal [/ QUOTE ] "The Fast and the Frugal" Of course! Starring Vin Diesel!
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    TDI Badge removal

    Yep, heat it up a bit and then saw it off with floss. You should be able to rub the residue off with your fingers. Did you get an all red badge, or a red "DI" like mine?
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    Clutch Vibrations

    Remember, the diesel is a more violent engine than the gasser. Those detonations are going to be felt through anything attached to the engine. Is it a good thing to be "feeling" an engaged clutch pedal? Akin to resting one's hand on the gearshift? There is a related problem called "mirror...
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    "Drive it. You’ll get it." - New VWoA campaign

    \"Drive it. You’ll get it.\" - New VWoA campaign Just as a piece of trivia, VW's first advertising slogan was "Yesterday a dream - today reality".
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    Mods- New clutch necessary?

    I have UPsolute as my only engine mod. I don't race, seldom drive "agressively", and would like my car to last long enough to actually own it. My clutch started slipping in 3rd-5th at about 35k miles. After much investigation, I settled on the Spec Stage 1 organic clutch. I have had it in...