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  1. GTiTDi

    best b4 modification?

    Yes, and I've done it, even implemented the stock VR6 lift pump and turned the filler neck into a fuel return/cooler. They still rot like crazy and have the same door handle and window regulator issues as other B4s though. I will say the B4 with its longer wheel base rides much nicer on the...
  2. GTiTDi

    VSS Wiring for cluster and ECU - HELP!

    In my case, it's not a matter of wiring, it's a matter of what the CR edc17 unit wants to see rather than what is being provided. I have scoped and verified both outputs and I have healthy signals.
  3. GTiTDi

    VSS Wiring for cluster and ECU - HELP!

    Are you having issues with it still? I have a different issue with my swap and a mk3 cluster. My speedometer works fine but it's output to the ecu/cruise control is not.
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    best b4 modification?

    Try to find a good front window regulator that actually lasts...or door handles that stay working for any length of time. The best parts of B4s end up in other VWs.
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    So no brakes?

    What's with people posting in the wrong forums all the time? OP you have air in your lines more than likely, but this ain't the place to ask about it.
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    Weirdness in the MAF Department 01268 and 00553

    Most harness failures I see on 1Z/AHU pumps are due to the wires chafing inside the spiral wire loom sheath, the wires vibrate against the ribs of the sheathing wearing through the insulation and eventually through the wire itself. Corrosion can set in before the wire is fully broken causing all...
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    You need to check and adjust IQ aka Hammer mod, Just completed yet another manual swap here at Schnell and for reference the IQ was at ~1.8 after the swap and once warmed up was not smooth so adjusted IQ to ~3.2 and now she is right as rain. Just needs bigger nozzles and a Podtune!
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    Raspberry Pi CPU Integration

    @burpod have you seen this thread?
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    best b4 modification?

    Best B4 modification is a drivetrain swap into a mk2 golf or jetta :p At least that's what I did with mine
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    group buy: injectors (.260s)

    where is ma parts podddd
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    03 Jetta Camshaft wear

    I have had to replace more than a few ALH cams over the years due to excessive wear of the lobes and followers. I have seen 250K ALHs wipe out cam followers until the top breaks off and whips around the plastic baffle. I have seen them wear to the point of dropping the valve. Replacement...
  12. GTiTDi

    ALH into A4 Avant Quattro B5 Questions

    KMH motors aka Keith Harley has done a couple longitudinal ALH swaps, including a B5 quattro. I'm sure he could answer some of your questions.
  13. GTiTDi

    ///// best way to haul plywood on the roof rack /////

    When you are so thrifty you wont even pay for delivery I can only imagine how you try to save in other ways. Thriftiness will often times find you having no friends who will put up with you. Maybe that's why you're asking us about using a car rather than a friend with a truck for a favor.
  14. GTiTDi

    Chemical cleaning for turbo vs removal?

    Just cleaned my VNT17 by spraying Oven Cleaner through the EGR port of the exhaust manifold. Easier than taking the turbo off and apart when I have a bazillion more important things to be doing
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    Some B4 cluster fun

    that took genuine effort to draw out, I admire it
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    1Z for stationary power RPM ideas

    remove the spring from the throttle potentiometer and adjust it to the RPM you want watching live data on VCDS and fix it in position
  17. GTiTDi

    Junkyards that have Jetta TDI's for parts. is where I look first generally.
  18. GTiTDi

    Anyone done a Eurovan TDI Conversion?

    I am selling a 1996 T4 2.4 diesel here in Massachusetts. It has a 5speed manual, air conditioning, power windows and locks, and is rust free. It is ready to go. New timing belt, waterpump, harmonic balancer, serpentine belt, pulleys, valve cover gasket, both cam and front crank seal, injection...
  19. GTiTDi

    Defective N75 units

    1Z/AHU turbo waste gate actuators often times fill up with oil from CCV blow by oil/turbo leaking oil into intercooler piping. When it gets oil in it it will cause boost issues especially when colder as it will become more viscous/gummy. Just what I've seen in my experience.
  20. GTiTDi

    Race 520 vs nictane .275?

    Jim you need a Burpod Tune!!