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    AC Compressor Clutch wont Engage - Turn Signal doesn't flash

    Elroy, Happen to have the link handy from Ebay? I'm in Canada too and have a Sanden compressor.
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    Trunk release wire identification

    I repaired the wiring loom in the left of the trunk ('01 Jetta) awhile back and now just the trunk actuator isn't getting power so I'm sure that one specific wire is broken again. Does anyone know which colour wire is the one that powers the trunk release actuator so I don't have to cut...
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    Coloured Dyed Bio Diesel

    I spoke with the fuel delivery guy whom supplies the farm fuel and he hasn't heard of anything like this.
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    Is my engine eating itself from the inside?

    I have used T6 for most of the 260k I've owned my TDI. This summer I had to reduce the OCI from 16k to 12k as it was consuming too much oil for my liking. Never had a UOA done. I thought I heard something about Shell changing the formulation or something? Maybe if that's the case, this is the...
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    Where to buy Diesel in Ottawa/Hull?

    They have diesel at the Loblaws Refuel at Baseline/Merivale. Also at the Petro-Canada Baseline/Clyde. As for the downtown, never fill there.
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    Bench Bleeding New Calipers

    Great feedback everyone. I did invest in a Motive so this should simplify the replacement of the calipers. I'll also verify there is decent fluid flow as I've read in the forums there could be debris and/or collapsed brake line issues that could cause me grief.
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    Bench Bleeding New Calipers

    Is there a how-to on this? I may be replacing the rear calipers sometime soon and don't want too much of a fiasco doing so. I have vcds available.
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    E-Brake Adjustment

    Yes, the cables both return to the home position. I'm going to check the lever bolt and make sure they're both nice and tight and look again at the lever positioning.
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    E-Brake Adjustment

    I've ratcheted the left rear e-brake lever about 30 times and didn't seem to make a difference. Maybe I should go back at it some more? I know the rear calipers are both remanufactured and I've had nothing but trouble with them so I am going to look at getting a set of TRW's brand new and be...
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    E-Brake Adjustment

    So I replaced both emergency brake cables on my '01 and I cannot seem to get them adjusted properly :confused: While I did the cables I also cleaned up the guides, pads, and reset (rewound) the caliper. Started the car and pumped the brake pedal about 10 times to reset the caliper to the pads...
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    Identify axle

    Wow, just looked at the Napa remanufacturered axle I just put in and its got the same markings on it as well! Guess I lucked out on someone else's core :) I'll keep this one anyways. Cheap insurance.
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    Identify axle

    Just swapped out my front left axle as the inner was destroyed. It was never done in the 9 years I've owned the car. I was wondering before I return it as a core (only $22) if it was an OEM or a cheap chinese alloy axle? If it were an OEM VW one I'd keep it and get it rebuilt is why I'm asking.
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    LF: Downpipe ALH or BEW

    Well David from Ottostadt fixed me up with a new 3" downpipe tonight. Thanks for the offer Yatzee!
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    LF: Downpipe ALH or BEW

    Thanks for the offer though. I'm going to continue checking locally in the meantime.
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    LF: Downpipe ALH or BEW

    Well once again my flex pipe has broken so I'm looking for a good replacement. My car is catless with stock exhaust system. Just need the new downpipe able to be welded by the exhaust shop.
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    Anybody have a scangauge 2 for sale?

    I see it for BB10 in Blackberry World.
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    Dome light switch broken. Mounting console removal?

    Anyone have a pic of the two Philips screw that need to be removed?