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    2013 Golf R parts

    I know this TDI based but I have black leather seats (maybe $200 + shipping) Nice FMIC ($400 + shipping)
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    FS: OH: Random VW/Audi parts

    I have lots of parts from a 2013 Golf R.
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    Diesel Compression tester for sale SOLD

    I now live on 5 wooded acres on a creek in GA. I am now parting out my Golf R that swallowed a valve.
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    Diesel Compression tester for sale SOLD

    This is an upgraded harbor freight diesel compression tester as it now has a liquid filled 0-600 psi gauge. No reasonable offer refused. It weighs 3.1 pounds. Send you offer and address to I also have a nice FMIC. My beloved TDI died a terrible death at the hands...
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    compression tester details
  6. diesel compression tester

    diesel compression tester

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    Compression tester box
  8. diesel compression tester sale

    diesel compression tester sale

    Pictures of compression tester
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    Need OE lug bolts 5x112

    I have lug bolts from a 2002 Golf that you can have for shipping from 31071
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    VCDS close to Greensboro NC

    I sent her my cable and she is happy now
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    VCDS close to Greensboro NC

    Yes my sister's Jetta needs a scan
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    TDI mechanic near Beaufort SC or Albany GA

    Check the trusted mechanics link
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    TDI mechanic near Beaufort SC or Albany GA

    I am in Pineview GAand have VCDS but not up to replacing pump seals
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    SOLVED(Intermittent vacuum loss at pump nipple) : Pop like I blew a turbo hose - no boost leak problems with intercooler piping

    X2 on checking the turbo. When my stock turbo compressor wheel broke off it was a pop. I had a boost gauge so I new something bad had happened. Yes VCDS will show all data. Just for giggles try this: logging Actual MAP, Specified MAP, Actual MAF, Specified MAF, and throttle position; full...
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    2002 trailer hitch and wiring harness $50 + shipping?

    At etrailer the Jetta is a different hitch number so I would say maybe as it does look close
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    2002 trailer hitch and wiring harness $50 + shipping?

    ="AndyBees, post: 5695750, member: 14852"] Hey Chris, are you leaving the TDI world? You've been around over 20 years! I've had one of these hitches for maybe 6 or 7 years and have not installed it. Ironically, it is my plan to install it this week. [/QUOTe Yes I loved my Golf ALH and I...
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    ID parts ALH torque chart $3.00 Sold It is a nice chart and I will mail it to you in a tube for$3.00
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    MN Chat Thread

    Sell the hitch from my 2002. Gotta get working on my 1986 Ford F-350