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    VCDS Hex-USB-CAN For Sale

    Re: manual Quote: Originally Posted by Stirer Quote: Originally Posted by toadz1 what models is the manual for I need a MK 4 manual? It is the A4 manual, covers: Golf, GTI, Jetta : 1999-2005 Jetta Wagon : 2001-2005 Dan edited xxx-xxx-xxxx $40 shipped? Do you have PayPal? this...
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    VCDS Hex-USB-CAN For Sale

    It's always nice when someone comes on here and blasts you before contacting you to discuss a resolution of confusion. Great
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    Little Pittsburgh Clan

    Thanks. I sold it in the Pennsylvania area, no trade in for me :) I purchase a new Acura TSX (dark gray/ebony leather). It's a nice ride. Suspension tuned similar to VW's but not quite the same driving class.
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    VCDS Hex-USB-CAN For Sale

    LilRed Thanks for the kind words, hope you use the cable more than I did. Or... maybe that's the wrong thing to say.
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    VCDS Hex-USB-CAN For Sale

    Keven, PM Sent
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    Jetta TDI Going Away… What’s left?

    NMS = New Midsize Sedan
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    Little Pittsburgh Clan

    VAG COM and Bentley Hey guys, another interest thread for locals. I sold my TDI and have a VAG-COM cable (Hex-Can-USB) and a Bentley (99-05, exc wagon [01-05]) Bentley manual on CD. Any interest? $200 for the cable and $50 for the CD. - Or make offer. Thanks,
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    VCDS Hex-USB-CAN For Sale

    Hey everyone, I am no longer a VW owner and would like to offer up my VCDS cable up for sale. It is a newer Hex-USB-CAN cable capable of communicating with the current and older versions of the VW/Audi family. Please PM me with an offer - serious only please. This was $349 new and is in...
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    2003 Jetta sedan for sale in Pittsburgh, PA

    Thanks for all the interest everyone, the car has been sold and is no longer in my garage. Thanks to all the TDI club and people I met along the way. I am now enjoying a 2010 Acura TSX.
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    2003 Jetta sedan for sale in Pittsburgh, PA

    SOLD For Sale 2003 Jetta TDI, GLS sedan with Leather Interior & Cold Weather Package. Dark gray exterior, light gray interior. Very good condition. Original Owner, 116k miles. 100k timing belt by guru at 75k miles. Current tires are BFG T/A Touring, 2 years old (33k miles). I have most...
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    Looking for Winter wheel ideas......17in steelies??

    I also must respectfully disagree. With the snow we get in Pittsburgh, combined with the hills and narrow roads snow tires are a must. My all season/summer tires just won't provide enough grip on the backroads. Sure, my commute on the turnpike is almost always drama free but the 5 miles to...
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    Michelin Primacy mxv4

    Wrong. The recommended inflation pressure of 26 psi is for the load rating of the stock tire. On my 2003 Jetta 91H tires were supplied with a recommended inflation pressure of 26 psi. Should you choose to use a different load rating for a tire (say 89H) then you must adjust the pressure...
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    $3.50 a Gallon this Summer?

    We are up to 3.20 in Pittsburgh. I expect over 3.50 before the end of summer. Funny since diesel should be more available/cheaper in the summer due to lack of of need for HHO and kerosene. Here we go again :)