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  1. bikeprof

    98 Jetta transmission noise

    (y) Second on the G60 clutch kit, resurface plate and lighten it(that's what I did), you'll be happy you did and you wont have to look back for a long time. Hope you done it by now...
  2. bikeprof

    What is the real purpose of Relay 180?

    50AMP fuse is very well in oversight many times for many years/miles, so check that one first ! After I replaced the 50 AMP, ground connections became what they should have been, started easier/faster. That also helped glow plug system...
  3. bikeprof

    FS 1996 Passat TDI 6sp

    Holly CANNOLI ! Just the 6 speed would make it worth it to me, thumbs up for the sale !
  4. bikeprof

    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    Dang, after such a long time getting back here, been reading about B4's and especially the B4V's I still get fuzzies.... Since my B4 got a TERMINAL turbo disease about 5 years ago and has been inside storage(it's my baby, OK...? ), I've bought three vehicles: 2003 Volvo V40(totaled/front...
  5. bikeprof

    Power enhancement 105bkd 1.9jetta

    After a while "we" will find more toys to install and make this baby purrrr better... So that's the LOL. K.I.S.S really is important here for a good daily or normal usage vehicle. Keeping it simple eases broken parts later 🙂 DARKstuff(oops, darkside) there in England makes a lot of goodies...
  6. bikeprof

    Assistance in picking up a daily turbo

    VKLR not a water cooled one also ? What is the HP/TQ you are achieving ? Be good to know so to suggest...
  7. bikeprof

    Power enhancement 105bkd 1.9jetta

    Kinda LOL... I would consider the GT1856 or go bigger with the GT2052 or 2056 which will give your Diesel about 240-265 at 2.8+ bars... But then if you already have a good running turbo 🙂, then WITHOUT replacing the turbo here are some ideas: 1. Better breather; pipes, intake, porting head...
  8. bikeprof

    Balance Weight / Counterweight / "Brick" by passenger output flange

    Hmmmm, pretty good questions all... But ! An exhaust pipe resonator; oil filled motor mount, vent/ducts in cowl, weights, etc... ALL to minimize sound, vibrations or buffeting of air currents, mechanical oscillations (of low frequency human ear/butt capable notes). I would suggest: 1. Increase...
  9. bikeprof

    exhaust removal advice

    LOL... I need another vicegrip, where you located...? Seriously... Weld a tab that you can cut, or torch off later, just my .2 inflated cents !
  10. bikeprof

    Balance Weight / Counterweight / "Brick" by passenger output flange

    Just BTW, since enlarging the exhaust to 2.25 flow thru(w/ OEM CAT), vibration(s) almost disappeared. That's what that block was designed to do, balance vibration IMHO...
  11. bikeprof

    Anyone here live in Arizona?

    Mark, just in case you have a bigger turbo that will fit my B4, let me know...(save you carrying another part 😊). BTW, have a good trip, time the weather properly 👍
  12. bikeprof

    Anyone here live in Arizona?

    Morning... I am in Apache Junction if you have questions needed answered or just info. Prescott is quite OK. Cooler that Phoenix about 10-15 F summertime, gets 30's in winter nights but your TDI should come well prepared. 👍... I've been out of the forum for a while but planning a turbo...
  13. bikeprof

    Bay Area Meetups?

    I have a TDI but it is in need of TLC, lots of it... No matter, I'd love to participate if you guys DO finalize the even. Let me know(I'll keep an eye out for this thread's happenings...) I'm sort of in Sacramento/Vacaville area right now Good luck :)
  14. bikeprof

    Parts availability

    I have had pretty good luck with ROCKAUTO.COM for funky parts... try them ! Ebay UK also a good spot BUT the vehicles are not called same as we call them here. Totally different nomenclature and descriptions of/about parts... Variant is saloon and seems ALL screws are threaded backwards(lol) ...
  15. bikeprof

    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    Dang..., I think about my B4 often ! Hopefully I'll get the new turbo and install soon(this year ?), I've gotten tired of paying storage :-(((( Sad my dollar does not go as far in the present vehicle(Volvo V40 Variant), than the B4 Variant.
  16. bikeprof

    should I switch to 15 inch wheels?

    195/65/15 tires n wheels bumping up to 205/65/15’s once my Variant gets back on the road... Bestest I can say is that 15’s WILL lower the RPM on highway ?
  17. bikeprof

    B4 resets Clock to 1:00 and Trip Meter to 0.0 during start sequence

    I'll get a PIC when I can and post, YEAH! All the B4's I've seen have a fusible link between the strut tower n battery :)
  18. bikeprof

    B4V Rear Brake Bleeding Procedure?

    Hmmm, the B4 must have a bad proportioning valve cutting off most of the fluid to rear brakes PB Blaster the heck out of it for a couple of days and see if that lets the valve move/adjust. ALSO, could it be that the calipers are seized inside ? That is another possibility, I have and would swap...
  19. bikeprof

    B4 resets Clock to 1:00 and Trip Meter to 0.0 during start sequence

    Actually... I had the sAme problem with the reset of the cluster, after many times cleaning and inspection, the fusibl link went out. That's the huge fuse on drivers side beside the battery, inspect that, probability it's THAT !
  20. bikeprof

    FS Hybrid T15 turbo 11mm IP 0.216 inj

    Hi, Johnny here in Phoenix, Arizona. I've a 96 B4 model Passat with the 90hp engine. Got vr6 clutch, rc520 injectors, Bilstein in front w/Koni in back n lowered springs. The turbo popped a seal n now I'm looking to install a better one, sounds like yours is the ticket... My Email...