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  1. turkishdriver

    mechanical valve tappets

    hello everyone . I had the valve cups in my vehicle adjusted mechanically with ball bearings, but since the adjusting company has not adjusted a diesel vehicle before, it calls the valve adjustment on old diesels 25/35. In this setting, the vehicle remains as if it had hit a wall after 4000...
  2. turkishdriver

    help and advice on direct port nitro

    Turbo GT2260VK Bmw type. well, we will increase the amount of fuel, and what are the turbo problems that will occur as a result of pressing a low amount of nitro oxygen gas (25hp) in each eye? Is it the engine problems that will occur due to the pressure rise and the external wastegate's...
  3. turkishdriver

    help and advice on direct port nitro

    KARMA..Thank you very much for the good information. I know my car has no throttle. I'm thinking of activating the nitro myself after full throttle and pressure comes back (what do you think? ) I use a fixed vnt for VNT. I keep the pressure constant with the external wastagate. Will using it...
  4. turkishdriver

    help and advice on direct port nitro

    Is the cold air coming from the intercooler not enough? I also use methanol. I'm thinking of spraying with 25 hp nozzles.
  5. turkishdriver

    help and advice on direct port nitro

    First of all, hello everyone. I've watched a lot of pd videos and almost never seen anyone using direct port nitrous oxide. I want to use such a system in my vehicle. I have finished many topics in my head, wiring diagram etc. But I would love to get advice from people who have used it...
  6. turkishdriver

    in-tank pump

    Hello, Recently, my in-tank pump broke down and I installed a 1.1 bar bosh brand pump. We have achieved a noticeable performance increase in the traction and driving of my vehicle. However, I encountered a situation like this. Between 1000 and 1900 rpm, sometimes the car seems to be shaking...