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    How to properly warm up a TDI

    START the engine and drive right away.
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    Storm Area 51

    2 folks from Holland got to see the inside of an american jail, acc. to a German Newspaper (BILD).
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Tires balanced and rotated
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    How long will you keep your mk4

    I have my 2002 GOLF IV TDI now for 17 years and only 505,000 km on the engine. hope to keep the car many more years, or until I do my last flight.
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    Diesel Oil, or "Here we go again!"

    1 of our members here goes way over 20,000 and he is a Mechanic!
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    Why do You Still Have Your MK4 TDI?

    I have a 2002 TDI with over 504,000 km, drives great and makes me smile whenever I drive by a Gas Station. First owner and I'll keep it forever.
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    For those that have owned multiple VW’s

    After 18 month Fort Bliss / TX I had enough money to buy a new 1600 TL Fastback in Germany and that was in 64. That was my first VW and now I'm at 23 (2002 TDI). Might be my last one, since this one runs and runs forever. I hope so!
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    ALH Cam wear :-(

    My engine was never touched. Everything is ORIGINAL on the engine.
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    500,000 km

    Pic of 500,000 km Coming up. Have to download from cam... Thanks
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    500,000 km

    Today I hit the 500,000km mark..... As I said before, this is our 23rd VW Product. This engine is just like it left the factory. 3rd TB, 2nd clutch, but that was it. Hope I get old enough to see a few more km on the "meter"!
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    What generation is my TDI

    Not ALL VW Dealers use the correct Oil
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    Any old-timers left? (I joined in 1999.)

    I will keep my 02 TDI with close to 500,000 km and will drive it until I go on my last flight. By age I'm an Oldtimer, but by speed not!!!!!?
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    Glow plugs

    Thats the way to do do it!:D
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    Anyone gel up in this brutal cold?

    Here in Edmonton we are lucky. WINTER DIESEL goes to -48 C. It's only around -20 to -26 C over the weekend...My TDI starts on the first try and runs smooth like a VW should.
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    Motivation behind taking a road trip.

    I drive 1,300 km to see my Dentist 2x a Year!!!
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    Timing Belt Age

    Change it....HURRY UP!!!
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    Oil changes after 100,000 miles

    Right on. I change between 15,000 km and 20,000 km (10,0000 and 13,000 miles)
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    Oil changes after 100,000 miles

    My car is close to 500,000 km (over 300,000 miles) and I have never used any HIGH MILEAGE Oils. Just use the "right" Oil for your engine.