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  1. mx07gt

    2002 Golf GLS TDI - NJ

    I can't see the pictures
  2. mx07gt

    WANTED - 2 door 99/00 ALH Golf 5sp North America

    because the price is amazing. I would've also inquired about it immediately when I saw your post. Whoever bought it from you is getting a great deal.
  3. mx07gt

    2013 Golf TDi philly/jersey $9000

    Ad goes for a touareg. Can you post a3 pictures?
  4. mx07gt

    FS: 2003 Golf Stage 4, Southbend Clutch, .658 (+ much more)

    did it stay in your area? Vancouver island
  5. mx07gt

    2005 Golf Tdi 4dr

    Interested. Let me know if you can get me pictures, ill DM you my email.
  6. mx07gt

    2007 Vw gti fahrenheit #33 diesel swapped

    Is this car stil available?
  7. mx07gt

    FS: 2011 Golf TDI 2door 6sp manual in Houston TX $5500

    oops lol completely missed that. Free bump
  8. mx07gt

    SOLD: 2001 Golf TDI KY

    Nice car. I wish you were closer. GLWS
  9. mx07gt

    WTB: 2/4dr 1999-2005 Golf TDI manual. Texas

    As the title says. I used to have a 2dr silver MKIV Golf, got T boned and I never got back to get another one. Ventured off to Passats, Jettas and whatnot, but I still have that thorn on the side of my chest that I'd like to get a 2dr golf again. 2 door preferred, has to be manual. ALH or BEW...
  10. mx07gt

    SOLD — 2005 Golf TDI 1.9 manual, white, original owner, 129k miles Los Angeles, $2,500

    If you were somewhat closer, id buy this in a heartbeat. This shouldn't last long.
  11. mx07gt

    SOLD: Heavily Modified 2005 4-door Golf TDI

    Is this car still available? Free bump
  12. mx07gt

    2000 MK4 TDI Jetta set up for RV Towing in SA, TX

    Forgive my ignorance, but did all the miles come from you towing it behind the RV, or actually driving the car?
  13. mx07gt

    FS: 12 Golf TDI 2DR, manual, tech package

    Where are the pictures at? Is this car still available?
  14. mx07gt

    SOLD: Heavily Modified 2005 4-door Golf TDI

    i know it might sound like a weird question for this kinda car, but what kind of MPG are you getting?
  15. mx07gt

    SOLD: Heavily Modified 2005 4-door Golf TDI

    Am I missing something here? Where did the pictures go? Im second guessing myself if I should go pick this up
  16. mx07gt

    Genuine Ross-Tech Hex-USB+CAN unlimited vins cable $250

    Bought this cable about 8 years ago, no longer own any VW vehicles and will probably not use this anymore, so I decided to part ways with it. It is in very good condition, and always stored in my diagnostics laptop bag.