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  1. JohnnyCanuck.Comox

    hot seat: not switch. What?

    I have the same issue, I'm thinking its the temp. sensors in the seats. The wires are very fine and are known to break. You can pull back the seat covers, re-solder them and off you go - if that's the issue.
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    Smyth Ute Pickup conversion completed,

    Looks great, the box work is top shelf.
  3. JohnnyCanuck.Comox

    Shaved door mk4

    I love the shaved look, looks so clean. Practically, it will be the price of a window to open the door if the battery is ever dead.
  4. JohnnyCanuck.Comox

    injector bodies which are best pd 1.9

    I wonder if it's the same as an Italian Tune Up.
  5. JohnnyCanuck.Comox

    2006 VW Jetta TDI for sale

    This might help you pride it, from the sticky selling cars in this section: "Set a reasonable price. Check eBay auctions and "Sold" threads. Set it at or a bit higher than comparable sales. If you just bought your car 5k miles ago from the dealer and you're looking to break even, it most...
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    1998 VW Jetta TDI $3000 California Car

    Love the colour and the wheels, should be an easy sale.
  7. JohnnyCanuck.Comox

    VW Bus

    Awesome van, just goes to show that vehicles are worth whatever people are wilingl to pay for them....crazy.
  8. JohnnyCanuck.Comox

    Are the newer tdis as good as the older ones

    No DPF on mk4's. They are on 2009 and later.
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    LED lights for better fuel economy....

    yes, amps, and I meant 15 not 5. It's not my fault, it was the inauguration, I was watching and typing! here's the lights I had in my toyota...
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    LED lights for better fuel economy....

    I installed truck-lite complete led headlight units which are DOT approved; these were for my '93 toyota 4x4. My oem headlights were drawing just over 5 volts, and the LED units were just under 2 volts on low beam and just under 3 volts on hi beam. I also changed out every bulb to LEDS and I...
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    the German

    Sharp looking Golf!
  12. JohnnyCanuck.Comox

    This morning's -47F cold start in my 2003 wagon

    Nice. I sure don't miss it, gj on looking after your car so it starts in those temps. And it sure isn't the same as starting it in summer. Driving around in -47 when your tires feel square, plastic breaks off like an icicle, and your seats are hard as rocks, yeah thats summer weather... I...
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    The most travelled Jetta?

    Awesome, what fun.
  14. JohnnyCanuck.Comox

    ALH vs BEW Motors

    Nice! that's good to hear.
  15. JohnnyCanuck.Comox

    ALH vs BEW Motors

    ^^ my daughter has told me the same thing, I'll gladly take yours and her word for it. I'm spoiled here in the comox valley.
  16. JohnnyCanuck.Comox

    ALH Installed in 93 T100 4x4

    Looks great, I know you'll miss that 3.slow but you'll get over it :P
  17. JohnnyCanuck.Comox

    ALH vs BEW Motors

    Now that is well put, the OP or anyone can take that info and make a decision on that and what others have said, as opposed to, it sucks. Thanks for the detail, having just come back from a trip to see our grandkids in Chilliwack, it was the first long trip in the golf and it definitely lacked...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Nice having the shop space to do it, too. :)
  19. JohnnyCanuck.Comox

    Show what you tow!

    Looks awesome.
  20. JohnnyCanuck.Comox

    ALH vs BEW Motors

    I always love the scientific comments likes yours, 'they suck'. As you get older, you'll learn that that's not really helpful. The other comments around no power band and no fun, just about as useless. Why isn't it fun, why in your opinion does it have no power band? Those are opinions that...