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  1. fixumrich

    looking for vagcom in Porland OR (PDX)

    Find a cable yet ? I can help if you want . Just call me at the shop 503 286 0903 Rich !
  2. fixumrich

    Pacific Northwest Cascade German GTG August 13, 2016

    I should be there ? depending on the Honey - Do list R
  3. fixumrich

    GTG. Bend. June 13th

    I will go maybe Tim ? Chumps ! :D time for a Vaca R
  4. fixumrich

    9th Annual PNW BoraParts/FixUm GTG August 23, 2014

    thanks to all that showed . Lets do it again next summer . Bigger and more time to plan . peace R
  5. fixumrich

    9th Annual PNW BoraParts/FixUm GTG August 23, 2014

    I will be getting to shop around 7 am to open up and do some light cleaning . should be a relaxed GTG . Thanks to all that are showing . Peace R
  6. fixumrich

    Coming down to Portland In April and looking for places to go and stuff to do

    Thanks for the plug Ed again . Its been a while since i have posted . Swing in Meangreen . We can chat Tdi's Canada . etc . I am Canadian still to this date . Can't find the Alien Card . Come get me NSA if you can . haha ! Hi to all F/x R
  7. fixumrich

    8th Annual PNW BoraParts/Fixum GTG August 17, 2013

    Sounds like fun . Will be there around 11 . R
  8. fixumrich

    Oregon gtg

    We have had some real good GTG's over the years at the shop ! I was thinking sometime in august for old times sake ? R
  9. fixumrich

    Oregon gtg

    Been talking to Aaron at Bora parts Inc . Gonna maybe have 2 one here and one at his warehouse . will keep you guys posted on dates . Peace R
  10. fixumrich

    Gurus, what's your findings over the years on PD cam failure vs. oil use?

    Pentosin 505.01 . one can of Lubro Moly MoS2 . Hengst filter .. Every 6 K and you will make it to 400 k . Good luck Man
  11. fixumrich

    Mini GTG/mod day with Matt-98AHU

    Sorry I missed this one guys . Was gonna get a slot for a snow screen clean from Matt . Bummer maybe next time R
  12. fixumrich

    Alternator, serpentine belt

    just by chance you of got the top 13 of the Alt in the right location . But the bottom 13 not even in the hole for the support bracket . just a thought ? thus bringing the pulley out just a bit . sounds crazy . check your work over and see what happend . did 4 alh alts in the past week and never...
  13. fixumrich

    Donation Fundraiser for Marcell Campbell (buckweat_diesel)

    I talk to him twice a week . Not gonna give a location . He is healing but going through hell . As of yesterday he did his second dose of chemo and 4 radiation treatments . I will see him soon and report more on his progress. only under his wishes for me to say . peace R
  14. fixumrich

    Lost power and mpg. What's wrong???

    hows the cam and lifters ?? no lobe no air no power suckie MPG's man ?
  15. fixumrich

    Electrical demon! Calling all gurus please!

    disconnecting it does not complete the circuit to tell the ccm the trunk is closed . There is also a undated wiring harness for the drivers door and the latches are crap too . Good luck R
  16. fixumrich

    Little help in Tacoma?? Want to do my outer CV joints/boots my self

    give me a call if you want . Years messing with CV joints and boots kits . number is on the Sig R
  17. fixumrich

    Battery issue confirmation help

    hey what do i know ?? . I always tell customers is you are eating batteries . Yo man its starter time .(Seat) love clubbies with lots of therories and no experience telling me what to do !! test til your blue in the face ... if your gonna keep the car . Bosch O.E reman starter . new batterie...
  18. fixumrich

    Battery issue confirmation help

    Replace the starter too . !
  19. fixumrich

    Name that homemade tool!!!

    i wanna try .. ?? the hacked up scew - driver looks like a old DI heat sheild removal tool ? R
  20. fixumrich

    2004 Beetle BEW dies when fuel goes below 1/2 tank

    Ya i would say the lift pump is toast . Easy to R & R . check for Fries and chicken wings in the tank to . Actually saw those in the tank during the WVO high times in mid 00,s . G L ....... R