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  1. MuggyTDI

    "Cold-air intakes" and "high-flow air filter" FAQ

    Spent the last few hours reading this entire thread. Great info. I appreciate all of the discussion. Especially those from those who have studied the data. I'm currently running a KermaTDI tune and couldn't be happier. Came here before spending money elsewhere under the hood and glad I did...
  2. MuggyTDI

    Road trip distance?

    2014 Passat TDI SE - Over mother's day weekend I went from Cleveland, OH to Atlanta, GA to Texarkana, TX, back to Atlanta, and back to Cleveland. From the time I got my oil changed on that Friday before the trip I put just over 3000 miles on it by the time I got home Sunday night. And that...
  3. MuggyTDI

    Highway Hauler - 2014 Passat TDI SE

    Purchased last year with 51,000 miles on it after the dieselgate fix. Currently has a KermaTDI engine and dsg tune, upgraded suspension and brakes, and quite a few electronic goodies. Settles in nicely @ 90-100 and gets 44-53 mpg depending on how well I behave. Since September I've put 40,000...
  4. MuggyTDI

    Diesel Transcontinental Record Reportedly Broken

    Listen carefully... Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  5. MuggyTDI

    ///// Cannon Ball run in a jetta tdi ?? ////

    B7 (NMS) Passat, tuned engine and transmission. Coilovers and sway bars. 45 gallons total capacity with a 27 gallon aux tank in the trunk. Upgraded brakes and lines, wheel stud conversion. ALP laser jammers & Uniden R7. Some visual changes to the exterior. Never went faster than 132. Needed more...
  6. MuggyTDI

    ///// Cannon Ball run in a jetta tdi ?? ////

    Came here looking for a thread like this. Rumors are a TDI currently holds the Darien, Connecticut to Redondo Beach record. Broken earlier this year. So far no public release of information. I guess there was a shopping center where one of the Cannonball runs originated from where they started...