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    Intermittent brake light issues + bulb holder

    Thanks @KrashDH , figured a rotary tool would be the only way to clean the contacts but had never used a polishing stone before. Seem to be good now and added to the bag of tricks, cheers
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    Intermittent brake light issues + bulb holder

    2002 new beetle: Have had intermittent issues with the left and right brake lights being out, no problems with center brake light. I’ve looked at the bulbs and it appears there is some connection issues with the holder, there are burn marks and evidence of arcing. replaced the brake...
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    These cars are starting to get a little old.

    That's awesome, was '59 the last year with the split/double rear window?
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    Mk4 Stock Wagon Lift Spacer?.....

    I've been researching that spacer/bushing as part of recent lift on my suspension. believe to have read some wagons with HD suspensions could have that installed stock but nothing clear cut from what I've found - basically nothing you didn't already mention. It should be this part [1] which is...
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    Vevor Diesel Heater ?

    Haven't heard of Vevor before but they look really cool. I have an Espar unit, think 7500 btu, in a 27' boat so sort of similar. On the boat the heater is mounted outside under an enclosure, then the heat is piped inside. Not sure a good mounting place on a beetle, at least. Are there...
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    Wheel bearing or drive axle?????

    Sounds like CV joint, the popping sound while turning strongly indicates that's the issue, likely the outer. Replaced all front inner/outer CVs on mine a few months ago - it's worth rebuilding the OE axle rather than replace IMO. Have heard with aftermarket assemblies the axle shaft is less...
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    getting a tour of Chevron in Richmond today

    Cool! I've some memories of point richmond and that area. My dad was an engineer for the richmond parkway when they built it in in the late 90s and I went to washington elementary school for a few years, basically across the street from the Chevron plant. Remember one day us kiddies had to...
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    Driver seat belt latch compatibility with '02 NB

    Awesome thanks for the links. Hadn't considered 1J4858471KFCN for the Jetta but will take a look. Have talked to a few local vw dealships who have the oe part listed as "in stock" on their site but say it's discontinued and they don't have it. Far as a diy fix there's a bit of detail here...
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    Driver seat belt latch compatibility with '02 NB

    For self reference and posterity: TLDR: looking for used driver seat belt buckle compatible with '02 beetle. - OE part #1Y1858471GFCN - according to VW [1] should be compatible with 2002-2009 beetle/golf/some GTI/vr6 - possible compatibility with earlier than '02 models, may differ in num. of...
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    2002 Jetta tdi for sale

    Someone on "what'd you do today on your mk4" thread recently passed 1mil
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    ALH Slow to Respond to Pedal

    Right on, would you recommend starting with checking injection timing on VCDS or are there other relevant logs?
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    ALH Slow to Respond to Pedal

    Shooting from the hip here but maybe fuel filter related?
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    Driver seat belt latch compatibility with '02 NB

    I haven't checked for continuity in the wires in the harness so will try to do that. It may be best to try to repair the existing harness rather than replace (kind of on the fence with this) but in theory it should be possible. My thinking is if I tear up and try to repair the existing one it'd...
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    Driver seat belt latch compatibility with '02 NB

    The airbag light on my '02 beetle has been on for a few months and is throwing the code "00591-032(1/1) Intermittent Seat Belt Switch On Driver Side -E24- Resistance Too High" I've removed the seat and inspected wiring and cleared the code a few times - nothing seems obviously wrong (like...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    At the very least I'm a fan of the exhaust stack if seeing things right.
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    BEW Oil leaking out of nowhere, massive leak everything spilled out

    Don't know of better options but would personally recommend installing a skid/panzer plate to help prevent damage to this area in the future
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    BEW Oil leaking out of nowhere, massive leak everything spilled out

    It stands for "room temp. vulcanization" and is a type of silicone used for adhesion/sealants. Good stuff