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  1. nordska

    Air Conditioner is WEAK

    My car sat for two years and has the same issue. I took it in to have it looked at on Thursday afternoon. Tech said it was low on R134; they recharged it. It is a little better but still not as cold as my ALH. Let me know what you find out.
  2. nordska

    Anybody elses dealer cuts corners on the oil / filter changes on the new 2015s?

    So the black cylinder is a housing and there is a paper fuel filter inside? I thought that piece was the actual fuel filter like it is on my ALH. In that case I have no idea if it was actually changed by the dealer....
  3. nordska

    Anybody elses dealer cuts corners on the oil / filter changes on the new 2015s?

    I just purchased my GSW 6MT on Saturday. The fuel filter is definitely original as it is date stamped 5/13/2015 and shows no signs it has been touched. Oil is clean and at the correct level as is the brake fluid - no way for me to tell if it was changed or not. Is there an official list of what...
  4. nordska

    Actual Purchases of 2015 Stop-Sale (NEW TDI's)

    Finally found one!! Purchased a 2015 GSW 6MT yesterday from Flemington VW in NJ. Didn't get home until almost 10PM.
  5. nordska

    Actual Purchases of 2015 Stop-Sale (NEW TDI's)

    Just called they don't have any either.... DARN!
  6. nordska

    Actual Purchases of 2015 Stop-Sale (NEW TDI's)

    Sportwagon TDI 6MT? Does anyone know if there are any Sportwagen TDI 6MT still for sale? Could not find ANY still for sale.
  7. nordska

    Sportwagen 11-13 differences.

    09 to 10 is basically just a face lift, personally they are both attractive vehicles so its really personal preference between 09/10 if your shopping that range. I was recently looking at used 10-11 MT JSW but havent found much in the way of a good price for something with reasonable mileage...
  8. nordska

    VA people----- anyone?

    How about (west) VA... LOL!
  9. nordska

    Impexfest VI - May 4th & 5th, 2007

    Hey Nick, I'll give you a hand with checking out the sound your hearing... as well as I could probably (time permitting) work on the rear brakes, oil change, filters, and nozzle install... I told someone else I would help them do an intake cleaning so after that I'll do what I can....
  10. nordska

    TDi in Audi A4 swap wanted

    I would be very interested in something like this.... what are the costs like??
  11. nordska

    Waterfest 2007

    most def.... thanks!
  12. nordska

    Waterfest 2007

    wicked... well count me in!!
  13. nordska

    Waterfest 2007

    I'd like to go.... never been to Waterfest... Sounds like fun!!
  14. nordska

    Brand New Hella GLI Tails... and not new stock tails

    I will probably buy these from you at Impexfest, nice lights!!
  15. nordska

    HID Conversion kits....

    my point exactly!!!
  16. nordska

    GTG Clarksville MD, 22nd April

    I might try to stop by and meet you guys tomorrow.....
  17. nordska

    Upgrading seats

    i sent that guy a message 2day... he goes to my school.. go figure!
  18. nordska

    HID Conversion kits....

    nice car!!! looks amazing.. i like the grill and rims as well.
  19. nordska

    HID Conversion kits....

    I know there are alot of people that are pure-ists about having the OEM HID setup but I am a college kid and cannot justify spending that kind of money on them. I am interested to see what kind of kit you purchased scottab... I am leaning toward purchasing the one I saw on ebay for $120...
  20. nordska

    HID Conversion kits....

    Ive been looking into getting a HID conversion kit for my car and was wondering if anyone has any experiences with them. I think the euro OEM HIDs look great, but IMHO they really just are not worth spending that kind of money. At this point I think I want to keep it simple/affordable with my...