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  1. quietmission

    TDI mechanic in Boston

    I know and I have looked at the trusted Guru thread already. Anyone in Boston that can do service and maintenance in a reasonable timeframe?
  2. quietmission

    Seattle area 2003 Golf TDI 5 speed **REBUILT TITLE***

    That is a good deal regardless of salvage history.
  3. quietmission

    Poor fuel mileage question. 30mpg!

    I am barely getting 350 miles per tank with mine with mixed driving. I have a vnt1749vb, PP764, ported head and a colt cam 2, etc... I notice that i have a small vacuum leak around the nipple from the vacuum pump as of now. I feel your pain with the bad mileage that you are experiencing as i...
  4. quietmission

    2000 ALH rebuild: Cam

    Is this normal that my engine is using that much oil? 1 Piston was replaced by previous mechanic along with a complete new ring job and bottom end refresh. I was told that this engine should last me a long time and i am worried that it might not if it keeps drinking oil as it is now. With...
  5. quietmission

    New Shop Bourne

    I just spent a ton of money on my mk4 at Chris's shop too. Chris is good guy to deal with and he won't let you out of his shop knowing something is not right. I did complete suspension overhaul, new SBC endurance clutch, etc... He is growing in my list of 3 people, including Chris Hill and Mike...
  6. quietmission

    2000 ALH rebuild: Cam

    Car definitely feels better now that i just got a ton of works done to it. New Stage 2 endurance clutch, complete suspension overhaul, new koni yellows and eibach spring...All done by GtiTdi... I am still plague by the the shady manual transmission swap done by previous owner. I need to redo...
  7. quietmission

    Turbo oil seals blown after intake cleaning - whose fault is it?

    Experience speaks volume when it comes time to properly diagnose and do repairs on any cars, especially TDI's. I agree with most of you but I like the idea of exercising caution even if it means being extra careful or overkill as it would highlight and sometimes eliminate this type of nightmare...
  8. quietmission

    85 Mercedes 300D Turbodiesel

    Yes, there are plenty of 190D with a 2.2 engine with a manual gear box. They are out there.
  9. quietmission

    The ECOdiesel lives on! an 81 Caddy

    Amazing... Nice dude! I think this is more than a beater now. It will turn some heads for sure.
  10. quietmission

    Cold start & warm-up testing

    Yes it will warm up some if you let it idle.
  11. quietmission

    Suspension coil overs

    I totally in need of supension refresh as well. I currently have some cheap raceland's (came with car) that the front right is bottoming out or loud on bumps. I need to get rid of those asap but i can't make up my mind on which way to go. A good coil or cup kit...
  12. quietmission

    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    I want to share a good experience that i had with dealing with Chris aka GTI TDI. First off, this guy is definitely serious about his work and he would not have it any other way. That's a proven statement with his personal work on his mk2 TDI that won an award at last year's TDI Fest. I drove...
  13. quietmission

    2000 ALH rebuild: Cam

    Finally got this car rolling. I pick it up from the mechanic's place leaking some serious diesel at the injector lines and i was told that i needed new lines. It did not have any power but it turns out that a bunch of little and simple things needed attention to get right. In this business...
  14. quietmission

    TD Tuning Loader/Tune group buy

    1) e36bmw3series 2) algirdas 3) dubguy 4) fwthompson 5) Purediesel 6) Quietmission (Bought tune already...was waiting on loader)
  15. quietmission

    Not mine but a $1,200 beat up TDI passat on CL
  16. quietmission

    Need VAG COM logs taken of my 2000 TDI

    I have a 2000 Golf TDI with an engine refresh (new rings,etc...) by Fase2000TDI. Head done by 87turboquattro, vnt17vb, Colt Cam 2, PP764, 2.5 turbo back exhaust, and a tune from TD Tuning. It's been roughly 2 weeks since i start driving it. I need someone in Mass to run logs for me to send back...
  17. quietmission

    1999 Jeep cherokee, ALH swap

    Yep that's him. It should be fun when it's all done and Mike will take care of you. I am following your progress though. My truck is an 89 toyota extracab pick up but it has been sitting for a while now. I got to check if it's not rotted to pieces before i can even think about my project.
  18. quietmission

    1999 Jeep cherokee, ALH swap

    Is 94x your mechanic? I can vouch for Mike's work and he is a very good guy to deal with. He stands behind his work and he is a very good communicator. BTW Nice project! I am glad that you are using Mike because i spoke to him before about a similar swap project into a toyota. I am pretty...