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    Turbo oil feed line: trust rust?

    I've only once removed the oil feed line. It was a PITA. Once I got the nut off without twisting the line too much, it was still stuck. Penetrating oil, careful tapping, lots of patience - finally had it out undamaged. I had bought a cheap replacement line, which was otherwise good but the nut...
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    No start, no glow plug light

    I checked the ecu box, it was clean and dry. Changed the ignition switch, the old one looked brand new. No effect, didn't get the glow plug light and car didn't start. So I removed all the fuses from the fuse box. Then replaced them and got the glow plug light and car started nicely. Now the...
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    Audi A4 AFN -99 Wiring diagram.
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    Audi A4 B5 -99 ECU Pins. 80 Pins.
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    No start, no glow plug light

    That's a good idea to check the pins that supply the power. It wouldn't be surprising if there is some corrosion damage in there. It's hard to keep all the leaves and stuff out of that small space where the box sits.
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    Diesel Injection Pump Generating Burr

    Burrs in the injectors. Doesn't sound good. Car only few years old. Covered by warranty I hope,?
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    Any luck? I have a similar problem, no glow plug light, no start. I have a 1999 audi a4 - the relay is labeled 219 and is in the ecu-box. I changed it and didn't solve the problem.
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    No start, no glow plug light

    I have a 1999 Audi A4 TDI, AFN engine. It is the 99 facelift model. A couple weeks ago I hopped in the car but it didn't start. Cranks fine. The glow plug light doesn't turn on when I turn the key. And no clicking sound is heard when the key is turned to On-position. I checked all the fuses I...
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    AAZ cam in ALH (and other cam swaps)

    Has anyone tried the AAZ camshaft on an AHU or AFN? INA camshaft for AHU/AFN or AAZ price about the same and my old cam at 490k km looks worn. Copied from forums: #14 by theman53 on 19 Sep, 2012 18:02 Basically, from what I have read not first hand experience, the older cams were...
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    Xman vnt15/17 Hybrid?

    It should fit, since the hot side wheel is for vnt-15, and the cold side has a vnt17 wheel with core machined to fit it. I think the video is just describing the procedure, not a specific video for this product.
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    Xman vnt15/17 Hybrid? I've been thinking about getting this. Would need to split the old turbo to fit this, and tune ofcourse.
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    cylinder head question

    Oh man, thankfully the days are getting longer already. It sounds like you have these heads figured out. Once they go through the procedure, all those little steps, the results are excellent. It's cool that you find the time to drop some knowledge bombs here, much appreciated.
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    cylinder head question

    No I haven't. Might check it out, thanks.
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    cylinder head question

    A question: So if the valve seats are done and gasket surface is milled for example 0.010" to set the valve protrusion, is it usually necessary to shorten the valve stems? Im planning to give them specs to set the valve protrusion to 0.6 - 0.7 mm but the valve stem length I haven't figured...
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    Oil pickup tube

    I gave the sieve a small spray of brake cleaner. I broke off a little piece lodged in the sieve. Maybe carbon or piece of a seal. The o-ring for this they only sell packs of 10 in the parts store and it's not open till Monday. Anyway, thanks and have a nice weekend.
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    Oil pickup tube

    Hello, This is my first post, I have to say that this forum is great. Lots of good info. So I took the sump off to change the gasket and I was wondering if it's recommended to clean the sieve from the oil pump tube. Heres a pic :
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    VW TDI 98-2004 owners in UK being failed by Gov MOT legislation

    Wow, that is crazy. That Roger seems like a hell of a nice bloke.