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  1. ro.sniper

    Disabling DRLs

    Getting an euro switch, and editing the bit out with VCDS will get them disabled. I did it a while back and it took longer to boot the computer than disable. You can disable the seat-belt chime while you are at it (yes I wear my seat-belt).
  2. ro.sniper

    Ontario Goverment's Plan for TDIs

    I follow the fastest cars but usually leave enough space so the speedy driver doesn't want to let me go ahead. I find the the speedy ones are more courteous and will think you want to go even faster so will move over... (at least I do). If I do 140 and someone wants to go faster why not... who...
  3. ro.sniper

    Fun little quirk?

    As mentioned it goes to recirculate function when reversing. Another fun fact is that when you spray your windshield it does the same thing. Bot to prevent the smell from entering the cabin. Cheers, RS
  4. ro.sniper

    Drained 3L of oil,4L Capacity

    1l every 16,000 km is quite fine
  5. ro.sniper

    tire recommendations for MkIV TDI Sport

    Just one word on Falken tire. I had the Falken FK-452 225/40ZR18 XL (92Y) and they were the most oval un-balance-able tires I have ever had. They had been hunter balanced and still were bad. I might have just had really really bad luck.
  6. ro.sniper

    Help with varying oil consumption

    My uses more oil during the winter, and less during the summer. I'm not sure if you are experiencing the same thing.
  7. ro.sniper

    tire recommendations for MkIV TDI Sport

    Continental Extreme Contact DW or DWS had both and was very happy. I have the DW now and they really are grippy.
  8. ro.sniper

    440hp Diesel Tri turbo

    Haha, true and he can be quite ignorant sometimes, but for entertainment purposes he makes TG quite fun to watch.
  9. ro.sniper

    440hp Diesel Tri turbo

    I just want Clarkson back... and the car is pretty awesome too.
  10. ro.sniper

    Mileage in this cold weather

    2006 Jetta here --- City driving is pretty bad on fuel economy (wide range between 6.5 and 8.2 depending on distance and temperature) with the car struggling to keep temps up. Highway speeds no issues keeping it between 5.5 - 5.8.
  11. ro.sniper

    2006 Jetta - 5spd manual issue with 3rd gear when cold

    My 3rd is rough, but not as bad as yours sound, its basically the gear with most resistance to put it in.
  12. ro.sniper

    How much trouble did you have starting this morning (-16C)

    Starts like any other day, just a lot more rattly the colder it gets. Only one glow plug cycle.
  13. ro.sniper

    Bigger turbo, dyno results 06 Jetta TDI

    Those are great numbers! at 180 WHP that's over 200 crank.
  14. ro.sniper

    Bigger turbo, dyno results 06 Jetta TDI

    The stock injectors flow very little. BEW injectors with nozzles or the PD150 injectors would be a good choice for the BRM engine.
  15. ro.sniper

    warm up after starting

    I can attest for sure that driving is the quickest way to warm up. I also have the high idle tune from Malone, but I don't idle the car, I just drive it. Take it easy when its bloody cold also. I only go up to a max of 2300 RPM when cold.
  16. ro.sniper

    Bigger turbo, dyno results 06 Jetta TDI

    Hey 1998993C2S, The turbo started life as the PD105, but I had asked my vendor to put on the 52mm compressor wheel vs the 49mm. I also have the electronic connector on top of the VNT adjuster. Cheers, Raz
  17. ro.sniper

    What snow tires do you guys use?

    I actually prefer to travel before the plows. I find my grip is better when there is something for the tires to bite one. Sometimes after the plows, its super slick depending on the outside temperature.
  18. ro.sniper

    Stuck on my street again snow - All Season Tires, winter tires?

    I run winter and summer tires. Sets are on different rims making swaps easy between season. Seeing as I'm Toronto winter/summer combo works quite well as we don't really have a spring / autumn. Winter --- General Altimax Summer --- Conti ExtremeContact DW
  19. ro.sniper

    A question about my 06 Jetta

    Yes 100% on the AUX electric heater (checked via vcds). I had the econ button pressed all the time when I first got my car and thought I had a faulty heater. Button off heater on... and yes it turns off the AC too :)
  20. ro.sniper

    Bigger turbo, dyno results 06 Jetta TDI

    I have the 1752 turbo so just a tad bigger compressor wheel. I haven't gone to a dyno yet, but Mark said the injectors are at full duty. I also don't smoke.