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    2006 Jetta TDI 300,000 miles sudden loss of MPGs.

    That induction leak could be your problem, Maf needs to operate correctly by having a sealed induction tract to achieve proper fuel economy. I would also ask since you had the TB done, did they set the timing? This is another huge factor in achieving max fuel economy.
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    Bleeding a line after changing slave cylinder?

    The key to this job is to monitor the heck out of the CMC brake fluid level. The clutch fluid feed is at the top of the neck and its very easy to get air in system while trying to bleed. Hope this helps.
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    Please help!

    The clutch/brake reservoir is the same, and its tough to bleed clutch because the feed to the clutch master cylinder is at the top of the liquid level for the reservoir. A power bleeder makes it easier to bleed, I would fill the reservoir to the tippy top, install the power bleeder and just open...
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    Blown Head Gasket?

    Yeah you could bypass, just take note on how you bypass it so thats its easily reversable. That would be some good diagnostic as well, it might be a little while however you could tell if thats the leak or not, good call. My other recommendation would be to seal all the openings that are...
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    Blown Head Gasket?

    I would find a convenient day to run the heater and do so, I would pressure test the coolant system, I would pull back the carpet and leave it back just for diagnostic reasons, The heater core leaks are pesky sometimes to diagnose and you dont want to do one unless absolutely sure its leaking...
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    Blown Head Gasket?

    Does the system build up pressure on it? The pressure tester puts a bunch of pressure to spot those hard to find leaks. I have seen leaks large enough for the coolant system to not pressurize. Does your car have very much antifreeze left in it? I was thinking it was getting fairly watered down...
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    Sharing my MK5 vacuum trauma fix

    Good work, this is good knowledge for vacuum problems, theres a couple of people chasing vacuum problems right now that might want to check this out. Good diagnostic work SPTsailing..I keep that one handy for troubleshooting.
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    Single mass flywheel for DSG been here a while as well..Oh yeah I wouldnt put a SMF in a DSG, especially not one that is up to the job(borderline). I would think it would push all that torque and driveline backlash right on each other, vice versa...
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    Blown Head Gasket?

    On the coolant leak, you could use the dye and light method, there isnt too many leaks I havent spotted just by pressure testing the system and looking under the car with a dry floor, it will show, have to remove the belly pan though. I would still suspect the heater core. Have you been topping...
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    Single mass flywheel for DSG

    Wow blast from the past..
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    A\C system recharge following RCV solenoid replacement

    That fault code is saying something there, I havent followed the fault codes very well. I would check voltage to compressor plug with AC on and see if its trying to energize. Could be bad FCV?
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    Swapping DSG from $500 Donor Car + other items

    Man good score, a spare car for $500!!! One part from the dealership will cost that much.
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    A\C system recharge following RCV solenoid replacement

    Ok if you only replaced the valve and the system worked kinda before, check the obvious like(dont get me wrong, i dont know your mechanical abilities and we need to start from scratch) the connector to the valve, is it making good contact? I have seen some of these had a bad connection to the...
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    Blown Head Gasket?

    How about your coolant level going low? Or try and get a bit together and see if it has color, or old school taste(not recomended). You could bypass the heater core with a loop in the hoses, and even pressure test the coolant system. Hope this helps.
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    Gee, I kinda really like the DSG in this 2006..

    Have you found sport mode yet? My wifes has a rocket chip in it, its very fun to drive. You can barely feel it shift it does it so fast. Change the fluid on time and they will go far. Yes very fun car I think.
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    A\C system recharge following RCV solenoid replacement

    Mine was spinning as soon as I powered on. After the vacuum I put in what ever amount will go. I believe a couple oz. Then I go round and apply power and keep adding, I weight mine in at 18oz and its only -+1oz. I dont even look at the pressures cause the low side is being controlled by the...
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    Still having intermittent stalling and "power resistance"

    Anytime I am trying to do some serious troubleshooting I start with the maintenance and filters. Before TS please replace air filter and diesel fuel filter, then while you are under there give the intake tract/piping a once over visual. An intake leak can cause stalls/surges. A clogged...
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    No start warps my mind!

    Sounds like all your hard work paid off, took a step back, think about it and then take a stab at it. You should feel good about yourself, that you got it fixed for minimum cost, and hit it right on the head. We can spend enough on these cars without throwing $$ at them...BTW welcome to the DYI...
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    2006 Jetta TDI CAM Replaced!

    One of the cam brg caps bolts was broke? wow.. not good, with the marginal holding capacity of the design, I could see that cam walking/moving all over in there from the injector pressures. Lucky that didn't take out the whole engine. good thing you did the cam. Generally speaking...Its not a...