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  1. mixmaster209

    Need help with 04 jetta with 5-6 mpg loss

    Unplugging a vacuum hose will almost always lead to trouble in my opinion. The proper way would be with a vag-com. Read this from the tdi faq
  2. mixmaster209

    TDI racing on speed channel

    Here's what the schedule looks like. its On SpeedTv. Watched it. Loved It. Sun 10/26/08 2:30 p.m. - Virginia International Raceway (already done) Sat 11/1/08 3:00 p.m. – Portland International Raceway Sat 11/1/08 3:30 p.m. - Lime Rock Park Sat 11/8/08 5:00 p.m. - Iowa Speedway Sat 11/8/08...
  3. mixmaster209

    Details on the Golf TDI BlueMotion

    Yes i did actually, but behind a Semi is one thing, its another having a pesci little prius on your tail that doesn't want to back off. I did however try to scare him a little when i decided i would randomly brake rather hard, he backed off for a mile or so then was back at it. lol.
  4. mixmaster209

    Details on the Golf TDI BlueMotion

    LOL exactly. We do however need these high mpg golf bluemotion that have such an awesome fun to drive factor, this way we can avoid getting rear ended by nascar like drafting from the underpowered hybrid driver. i sure hope people aren't practicing this on the roads.
  5. mixmaster209

    Details on the Golf TDI BlueMotion

    Ohh.. he was drafting. I've seen the montreal tailgaters and that tailgaiting usually implies a "get out of the way your going to slow", This guy was drafting like he was jeff gordon on a mission. I mean there was hardly any traffic and if i was going slow, (weren't because we were already 20...
  6. mixmaster209

    Details on the Golf TDI BlueMotion

    This is not to be taken offensively or anything but just one of my observations while driving. This post isn't directed toward you but just rather a joking comment to your response. ok so..Although i never liked prius's i respected them,but that was until the other day when i got extremely...
  7. mixmaster209

    05 golf auto (tiptronic) slipping between shifts?

    Sure thing, I'll have him check it out as soon as possible. Sorry if i sounded rude. Yes i am indeed listening. :P Any other things that should be checked while they are under the hood?
  8. mixmaster209

    05 golf auto (tiptronic) slipping between shifts?

    It could shift lower if wanted to. We were just shifting higher than normal because that is his driving style. However whenever chosen to shift at a higher rpm, there is defenite slippage going into the next gear. You can both feel it and hear it in the engine pitch. It can shift as low as you...
  9. mixmaster209

    05 golf auto (tiptronic) slipping between shifts?

    should still be, last i checked vw warranty up here is 4 years/80,000km. The problem was really the fact that you could hear the transmission slip between shifts (the revs would actually jump between shifts) and then the car would shift. Does it need a reflash? Could it just be that the...
  10. mixmaster209

    05 golf auto (tiptronic) slipping between shifts?

    Hi guys, I drove in my friend's 05 golf gls tdi with auto trans. Tiptronic. and we noticed that between shifts it seems that the transmission is slipping, as i could see on the tach that the rpms would jump between shifts. I believe the car has about 60,000km if i'm not mistaken. I was just...
  11. mixmaster209

    Jetta TDI goes racing in Speed World Challenge!

    I believe, first race is March 25th, at 1:30pm on SpeedTV. Channel 150 for all you dishnetwork'ers. Channel 417 for all the bellexpressvu'ers!!
  12. mixmaster209

    Volkswagen recalls nearly 800,000 cars

    I was wondering why my neighbor's 2.0T Jetta was gone and why they were driving their Golf. lol. Responsible of them to do a recall. Something like this could be hazardous.
  13. mixmaster209

    VW disbands brand groups

    True, i heard the caliber is getting a diesel as well, and it wouldn't surprise me if somewhere on this board, someone spotted a diesel tdi rabbit being tested somewhere in california. :p
  14. mixmaster209

    DSG and Torque?

    I read of the HPA's trio of powerhouse cars (Jetta, Passat, and toureg R GT), and was always curious as to how it was putting that kind of power though the DSG.
  15. mixmaster209

    DSG and Torque?

    I believe that the internal clutches of the DSG transmission aren't upgradeable, due in part to the fact that there is no room in the trans for this. If i'm correct, the dsg tramissions offered on the jetta platform are the lower rated (internals) DQ250 DSG box and don't consist of the same...
  16. mixmaster209

    Consommation des TDI au Québec??

    Je vien de lire ca sur un page du site web Petro-Canada. Dans la partie Refining and Supply. "Work continued at the Montreal and Edmonton refineries to bring new diesel desulphurization units on-stream. This work remains on schedule and on budget to meet federal ultra-low sulphur diesel...
  17. mixmaster209

    Saw my 1st new Rabbit today, not a GTI.

    I believe that a tdi version of the Rabbit is only due 2009 according to
  18. mixmaster209

    Cleaned my intake - got some questions

    Found this and Now just became cheaper. $61.50. Here's a link if yours is broken and looking for another one. IMPEX N75 (all assuming this was the Impex site that you were talking about Bookerdog.)
  19. mixmaster209

    Yet Another Diesel Killer?

    Regardless, I don't think we have anthing to worry about here in Canada. I think tdi's make up a large portion of VW sales up here. Even though it would suck to think that this new style might make them pull the plug on tdi's in the states...i doubt VWag would do such a thing. Essentially they...
  20. mixmaster209

    Yet Another Diesel Killer?

    Well.. the 2.0T in the Gti and other jetta and passat models have a 10.3:1 compression ratio and specify a 95 PON octane rating unleaded for max efficiency of the engine. However they can successfully consume as low as 91 octane with a decrease in performance. Consequently the highest rating...